Catch 19 Red Bank NJ (formerly just Catch)

Is that the women’s clothing store right there?

Si senor’

Yes c_j….Coco Pari is right next to Catch 19. The owner goes by the name Mr. Anthony or as he likes to be known, Mr. Red Bank.

looks like they got their first good yelp review in about 6 months…not dubious that a reviewer from Colonia claims to try to go there every weekend “it’s filled”

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I seriously hate Yelp.

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I’ll admit I use it a lot to get a feel for places and it def started out as a great idea to democratize reviews but it really has gone off rails when spots fan pay $$ to bury bad reviews cooled with the people who fancy themselves the next big thing and go way overboard with thier reviews

They should not let you post a review until after being a member for a month or so and then only after leaving a certain amount of reviews…and with a certain amount of characters. That would weed out so many idiots and one hit wonders.


Yup. Love the posters with 50 friends but one review. Check out tomo 35 in Eatontown. Half the reviews are like that or some guy from the Midwest who magically came to the jersey shore and had to rush to have sushi on rt 35 next to Lowe’s as his only review of his time in NJ


anyone been here recently or heard anything food or bad? Guessing with Yumi opening up in the old spot, the high end Mexican joint is not getting off the ground?

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