Red Bank redux version 2.0 [NJ]

Not to change the topic, but …

We were at the new Catch and also at Via 45 over the holiday weekend. Night and day. Catch was barely worth the money, if that, while I’d have paid more for my meal at Via 45. GL in the new spot, Catch.


Seal what did you guys get? I wasn’t thrilled with catch19 but I will head back to try some other dishes. In the same breath, I have only been to via45 a few times and wasn’t blown away either. It’s red bank. You’re paying some rb tax either way, unless you want some hole in the wall spots.

We had two fish, sea bass I think, a steak, and an order of lamb chops. I think it came out to like $9 a chop.

Wow that is steep. I have to get there again. My dinner was actually pretty good but like you, I sometimes never learn my lesson and got a pork chop. I am spoiled when it comes to the pork chop in sea bright so I should never order one locally.

For the price of those lamb chips I think you could have gotten probably 40 tacos at IMG :):grinning:

Fyi, the urban coal house has 2 for 14 dishes at the bar so you can get 10 wings and a pizza for 14 bucks…not a bad deal (at bar only)

It’s during happy hour mon-Friday I think 5 until 7 and all day Saturday and sunday.

Here let me give you a hand…please tell us more about your experience.

Jr what’s going on at the old catch? Any news?

No clue, @seal ? You have some inside info on the RB scene, any news?

Still waiting for the new Mexican place to open there. Not sure why the owners went that way but maybe they will surprise.

Also, Catch doesn’t need me to chime in any more on the fact that they are pricing themselves out of the market.

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Went with several people to Patrizias last night for dinner and did the family style menu for 38 a head. Will give a better review tmw, but for the price an absolute steal. Def loud joint that could use better music but they were SLAMMED lat night, lots of parties I think. And the Nutella puff pastry at the end of the night were one of my
New favorite things. Along with Antoinette’s for breakfast this AM and I’ve had a good 24 hour run in RB.

Nice! What types of dishes came with that family style dinner? Also, do you have to have a minimum amount of people to get it at your table?

It didn’t say anything about minimum number, so prob a two top can make it a go.

It came with a pizza (very good, not crispy style though),Salad (with goat cheese, walnuts, craisins, very good), and fried calamari (very good but no feet) as the apps. Nice size portion, salad perhaps could have been a bit bigger.
Next was penne vodka (also very good size) followed chicken francese (good, but not my fav preparation- prefer picatta to be honest)
Aforementioned dessert and coffee/tea round out the meal.
There were 8 of us, 4 of whom are not big eaters, and there was enough pasta and chicken left for at least 2 whole meals.
You can step up in price to get steak and another chicken preparation, but was happy with the choices we had at the entry level menu. Service was good as well despite the rush. Basic solid Italian American fare, but all very good to excellent and an outstanding value, with parking literally out the back door. It’s BYO so value level increases even more. Will prob be my goto for group outings for a while.

Cuban coming to the old Red/Belmonte spot!! Nice!!! Something we hadn’t thought of…I work in Jersey City across from the old Azucar space…I miss them.

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Good news! I hope it’s at least half decent. We will by paying some RB tax but just make the food good

Would love a good Cuban place. Dearly miss Sophie’s aka Tina’s from my midtown days.

Have you tried Havana in highlands? This place has disappointed me the last few trips. I’ve been there quite a few times and it is just way too inconsistent. I like the owner, the decor and the seating but it’s just been too “off” for me. I will try it again one day soon but I don’t have high hopes.

I agree, while the mojito is consistently good the meats can be very inconsistent there. Last time, we stuck to drinks and apps and did fine. On a nice weather night, the outside covered terrace is great and relaxing. Live Music there has also been enjoyable.

So, I was walking from my wife’s store on Broad St down to pick up food at notb Friday night. As I passed Count Basie, I noticed a new place by where Runa’s used to be called Azteca Grill. I was surprised that they would open another Mexican restaurant so close to all the good one, but I went in and got a to go menu. It turns out that although there are tacos, tortas, and some other Mexican dishes, they are putting out quite a bit more than that. There are sandwiches, burgers, and even a 20 oz T bone steak for $23. Quite a few of their dinner entrees are Italian, like chicken parm. I don’t suppose anyone has been??

I haven’t been but thanks for the tip. Are all the dishes Mexican? (For example that tbone)

We need equal mark to get that menu up. Has anyone heard from him?

Either I can’t read or you edited your post lol. I didn’t see the bottom part about chicken parm. So this answers my question. Thanks