Canned Corn Beef Hash. Musing use...

Silly me, I bought three cans of Mary Kitchen Corned Beef Hash because I read the ecoupon wrong, believing I was getting the third can free. (the free the coupon was touting was a dozen eggs–hidden in the small print). I love this stuff but having three cans in the pantry is stretching the limits of my cooking ingenuity.

So here’s my idea for use of one of the cans…your feedback is truly welcomed.

I’m thinking I would slice up about half a head of cabbage, par boil it and then throw it into the Wok with the canned corned beef to create a stir fry. Your thoughts on this working are appreciated.

Hormel is silent recipe wise…


Corned beef and cabbage tacos :taco: !


One of my guilty pleasures is canned corned beef hash. We often had it for lunch on winter days when I was a kid. We came home from school for lunch & it was a good defense against those Chicago winters. Mary’s Kitchen is an ok brand, sometimes we get Hormel. However, Broadcast Corned Beef Hash is the Cadillac of canned corned beef hash. Nowadays, we mostly buy it in #10 cans & freeze 1# portions. At our house when we eat it, we almost always have it for Sunday breakfast. With poached eggs & rye toast. That’ll put you right back to bed.


Couldn’t agree more.

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So where do you buy it? Thanks!

Pierogi? You’ve got corned beef and potatoes, sautee a diced onion, stuff the mixture into potsticker wrappers, boil, drain, pan fry with chopped bacon. Your cabbage prep of choice on the side.

EDIT: Is Pierogi already plural?


Don’t think you need to par boil the cabbage for stir-fry - it cooks pretty fast once it’s sliced up.

Other ideas:
Sandwiches using hearty/crusty bread.
Wonder if you could use some mixed into fried rice as the meat component.
Might also work in chili.


Please tell me you at least got the free eggs!


There are actually quite a few recipes at Hormel:


The corned beef hash poutine looks like a junk food/drunk food classic to me - although oddly the recipe doesn’t mention the frites at all, although they’re in the photo.

ETA: oh, I just realized that what I thought were cheese curds and fries - are just cheese curds. Hmm, I still think this whole thing would be better on top of fries.


Nope. I didn’t read the whole ecoupon until I was home from shopping. :sob:

Thank you for the link! Wonder why it didn’t come up that way in my search…

That recipe is so, so tempting. I can’t imagine the indigestion that might come with it, tho…:open_mouth:

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I think your cabbage and corned beef hash stir fry is a great idea but would not parboil the cabbage, that will make it soggy. Shredded, it will cook down fast in the wok.


Question 2:
Should I just Wok the Hash and Cabbage in salted butter? Or, is there an appropriate complimentary sauce out there.
(I’m honestly hoping for a taste near to Corned Beef & Cabbage)

I would do a corned beef hash stuffed cabbage with a sweet tomato sauce!!! Then I would top it with a sunny side up egg!! Shit I might actually try this.


The Corned Beef Hash and Cabbage Stir Fry.

My BHs comment, “You didn’t cook up enough cabbage.”
It turned out quite tasty.


That looks heavenly although I too would have liked more cabbage.


When the ingredients of a restaurant breakfast commingled on my plate years ago, I became a devotee of corned beef hash with a bit of maple syrup. I would use that to stuff crepes or top toast.


I’m a little confused why there is a problem. It’s only three cans. Commercial cans. I buy a box of twelve at a warehouse store and a year later I buy another box. Just eat what you like.

That said, the cabbage stir fry looks quite good.

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