Can NY/CT Help Giulia95 With her Masters Thesis Survey?


Now be sure to take the time to buy yourself the Alfa Romeo you were meant to have.

Just filled out your survey. Some things to consider:

We’re New Yorkers but we live in rural Florida and the food choices are much more limited.
Regarding corporate responsibility, we don’t buy Barilla products because of their open homophobia.
We have also made pasta during covid lockdown, something we hadn’t done before, though, at times, flour was hard to get.
Beans have also been something we stocked up on during lockdown.
We buy Rana fresh pasta for lasagna and Bolognese (Marcella Hazan’s recipe)
Hope that’s helpful. Good luck with your thesis.
Babs Deacon

“Food is a pretty good prism through which to view humanity.”

― Jonathan Gold