CABBAGE! Your favorite recipes?


I did something like that, but with duck fat. Oh, wait; that recipe starts whole, then cuts in quarters. I’ve not tried that.

(Jimmy ) #103

Okay. That’s it. A half a head of cabbage goes into a pot with Korean Dumplings and Rice Cakes tomorrow.

(saregama) #104

Trying to understand the benefit of not cutting it into quarters at the beginning - I would think that would maximize caramelized surface area…


Seems like the cabbage is left whole so it basically steams itself to cook all the way through, then they cut and sear it for some texture.
I love roasted wedges but it doesn’t end up with a steamed soft interior

(saregama) #106

Hmm. That’s what I was thinking too, but what if one roasted the wedges at the lower temp… will have to experiment (after I finish all that braised cabbage sitting in my freezer :joy:)


This is pretty much the dish that our family has always made. Since I was a tyke.
I still like it like this. :smiley:

(Jimmy ) #108

Wow, that sounds so tasty!

(John) #109

Corned beef & cabbage with red potatoes tonight. I have to empty out the freezer & there were a few corned beefs in there.


From last year’s St Pat day?
You are thrifty!

(John) #111

Not exactly - we corn our own from whole briskets. These are the ones that didn’t get used at New Years. We didn’t have our open house this year. Plus - I have a really big freezer.


I’m envious.

(John) #113

Of the corned beef or the freezer? It’s easy to corn beef. all you need is a bag of Morton’t Tender Quick which they sell at Wegman’s & Walmart , some spices & a little time.

& once you corn the beef you can cover it in crushed peppercorns & smoke it into Pastrami. That ought to be right up your alley.

& the best thing about home corned beef is no shrinkage. Since you don’t inflate it by injecting water, the water doesn’t all come out when you cook it. So what you start with is what you get at the end.


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