CABBAGE! Your favorite recipes?


Agreed with @JoeBabbitt
I used to hate it (tasteless and very acid), right until I tasted some good ones from restaurant and preconditioned Manson jar type. Now I’m hooked. I don’t know in US you can find better ones in shops easily or not. Here, it is easier (but still need to watch out, too many cheap nasty ones).

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Very neat that this thread got legs!

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I even used the ungodly (to me) quantity of olive oil. It seems to have taken the “cabbage” out of the cabbage and turned it into something else… maybe that’s what people like about it?

But I actually enjoy cabbage as cabbage, so this was just overcooked into oblivion for me.

On the +side, I was being lazy so I turned all the remaining cabbage into this… and now I’m done cooking cabbage for a while :joy:


By the way, another thing you can do with cabbage is cut it into sixths, each one connected by the core, and grill it, lightly oiled, over hot coals.


I have tried some of the more “fancy” brands available of sauerkraut and also didn’t like those. Guess i’ll stick to kimchi!


Thanks for the recipe, I look forward to giving this a try!

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Braised red cabbage going right now.


I’ve always wanted to find a recipe for duck-fat roasted cabbage with trout vinaigrette from that 2014 Thanksgiving Top Chef episode.

“Mei made a roasted cabbage with trout vinaigrette, which was a very unusual dish. It was so unexpected and savory. She roasted the cabbage on the charcoal fire which gave it such delicious flavor, then made the vinaigrette with trout which was poured over the cabbage. It was a perfect starter for our meal, so light. It had all this crunch, and felt like a salad but, because of the trout vinaigrette and the duck fat, was a little more rich and substantial.”

I can’t seem to find a recipe! I’ll try one of these while I wait.


Hmmm. I feel like you could frankenstein together something like this for the duck fat cabbage (tho maybe nix the cracklins if you just have the fat and not the skin)

And then as bizarre as it sounds do a sharp vinegrette to cut the rich fatty cabbage- maybe something like this with a bit of horseradish in it- and just blend all together with a small chunk of grilled trout or smoked trout if that appeals and taste/adjust amount of trout as you go. If you’re not using a high power blender like a vitamix then running it through a fine sieve would be a good idea


Yes! That sounds good!

I JUST tossed some duck skin, albeit with “Asian roast duck” seasoning.

I’d love to capture the charcoal fire roasting, but maybe oven roasting or grilling would do.

I like your vinaigrette idea. What do you make of the trout in the vinaigrette? Salty, smoky, fishy, umami or what? I tried fish sauce with cabbage yesterday. Speck for fat.

It was good! Shredded like this it cooks down a LOT.


This one looks good too. Make ahead! Yipppeee!

Roasted Cabbage with Warm Walnut-Rosemary Dressing

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Smoked trout?


I was thinking that, but I can’t find anything specific. Maybe that was what was around back then? (Not 2014; that first “Thanksgiving” ).

About smoked trout

Smoked Trout Dip with Sweet Onion Vinaigrette

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Whenever I braise cabbage I thrown in some charnushka seeds (aka black caraway)–even better than caraway, IMO.

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This sounded good in an unexpected way. Might give it a try.

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That does look “special”.


I don’t eat fish myself, but i think it’s for funk/umami more than anything. Smoked trout will prob give you more “bang for your buck” since you also will get a smokey layer of flavor. Will definitely take some experiments!


That makes sense to me!


I think if you add potatoes, bechamel and cheese to about anything that sounds delicious…! ;))

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I thought I was through with this cabbage thread but obviously I’m not. We fixed cabbage and sausage last night. I wanted to open up the windows but my husband vetoed it because it was too cold out. My granddaughter opened up the fridge today and said it smelled like something was dead in there. Leftovers. I can’t believe I’m the only person on this thread who thinks cooked cabbage doesn’t smell bad,:blush: