CABBAGE! Your favorite recipes?


It doesn’t get much easier. Give it a shot :slight_smile: literally the only enhancements are butter, salt and pepper. I’m sure you could doctor it up but I keep it simple.

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I actually like cabbage roll soup and cabbage roll casserole.


I’m not sure what splutter means
but I like the word.


Oooooh, yes that Hazan smothered cabbage is amazing! And of course bonus is to turn extras into the soup.
For anyone unfamiliar

And roasted wedges are fantastic and easy, i like a rub with some olive oil and add basalmic either before or after roasting. Plus salt and pepper of course.

Last winter i made braised cabbage with tomatoes, tomato paste, onions,garlic, plenty of cider vinegar and lots of caraway seed with some frequency. Really satisfying and great with some added beans for a quick meal.

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My family made a bastardized “lo mein” - onions and ground beef browned with ginger and garlic, then cabbage and some chili flake stir-fried in the drippings.
Add in cooked spaghetti or linguini and lots of soy sauce and a bit of sugar (or just teriyaki sauce).

Not haute cuisine but it holds a nostalgic appeal for me.

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That sounds really yummy!

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Started with a savory cabbage cake that’s a regional indian recipe. Traditionally made with chickpea flour only, but my tummy doesn’t love that, so I used half chickpea and half mixed other flours.

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I have made something quite similar but based on farina - and never with cabbage. Cool!

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In polish that’s called Hluski & bowtie noodles are traditional. I make it all the time - whenever I make stuffed cabbage I use the rest of the head for Hluski.

My personal favorite cabbage recipe is fermented cabbage (aka: Sauerkraut) with roast pork & mashed potatoes. However _ I’ll eat cabbage almost any way. After all, cabbage is nature’s health food.

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I used some rava / cream of wheat in the mix, similar to farina! Normally this would be made with grated bottle gourd (or zucchini as a sub), but one of my aunts makes a cabbage version that tastes a bit different.

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That’s what I used :slight_smile: And chickpea flour, come to think!

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Also good with ground pork


Thanks for creating threat, I have 1/4 of cabbage a while in the fridge, @Ttrockwood your soup looks good.


Cabbage dishes that I like:


We have ate this in a restaurant many years ago, and fell in love with this dish instantly. It is the signature of chef Delacourcelle, French chef specialised in spices. It can be made with Savoy cabbage or kale like specified in the recipe. I made the dish once at home, and of course not with a baby pig, maybe pork shoulder, but I forgot which part exactly, it was nearly as good. I like a lot the mix of fenouils, cinnamon, long pepper, star anises and cream with cabbage.


Recently, I saw in a trend of charred vegetables on restaurant menus.

photo credits Endo Edibles
Speceriet, Stockholm : fried cabbage, cauliflower cream, wild garlic, anchovy butter, nuts, parsley

I wonder what were the small pieces on the cabbage on the second photo. I would like to make this dish, so any suggestions is welcomed.


Here’s a few ideas that haven’t been mentioned yet. Feature it as the main veg in a thai curry, served over rice. Throw in your favorite protein or keep it veggie. Jewish deli style sweet and sour cabbage and beef soup. Or make a sweet and sour cabbage/tomato sautee, and use it as a filling for knishes.


My wife makes okonomiyaki ( I make colcannon ( Or coleslaw. Or, if we got a really big head for some reason, sauerkraut.


Oh yes!! Okonomiyaki is the most perfect use for cabbage…! And about anything else ;))


Excellent sub.

I eat more raw cabbage than cooked as a rule. Slaws of many origins

Stuffed is always good, just takes some time to wilt the leaves enough to facilitate rolling