Build Your bagel

Pork roll, egg and cheese on an everything bagel

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From today’s San Francisco Chronicle, a recipe for “tomato lox”, tomatoes cured to taste like lox. Trockwood - maybe you can give it a whirl!


How interesting and uses dulse seasoning (perk).

Whoah that sounds really good! There’s a crazy amazing carrot lox that i’ve had a few times from orchard grocers (on the lower east side), haven’t heard of using tomatoes before. I actually don’t think i ever tried any kind of smoked or cured fish so I’m probably easy to please ;))

Asiago cheese bagel filled with thinly sliced roast beef warmed in the toaster oven until the baked in cheese is melty.

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Oy vey. Some of these combos LOL. My favorite, of course, is cream cheese red onion and lox on an onion bagel or everything bagel.

Or, a toasted Bagel spread with chopped liver and red onions.

In a pinch, an avocado toast bagel. Mashed avocado a pinch of salt topped with sliced Roma tomatoes or radishes.

Or an open-faced tuna melt bagel. Tuna salad with a squeeze of lemon juice, chopped onion, or scallions, topped with a slice of muenster or havarti cheese.

The bakery at my market has these amazing huge cheddar cheese Bagels. They’re great smeared with butter.


All of those combos sound good. I especially like the open faced tuna melt suggestion…another use for my tomatoes!

When it comes to my bagel preferences, I’m very simple: A well-done everything (sometimes toasted) with butter. That’s it for me.

On a rare occasion, I’ll have a pumpernickel with cream cheese or add some lox to it.

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My bagel supplier has both regular size and mini bagels , thus two mini’s ='s one regular, so when one is not enough and two is too many, I have three mini’s.
I treat with any of the aforementioned as well as with egg or chicken salad, and sometimes just thin sliced red onion and mayo…
The mini bagels come in plain, sesame, poppy, everything, salt, plain and raisin.
They get toasted only if they are in my house more than 24 hours.

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Bagel connections…lucky you!

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I love mini bagels. And I get onion mini’s!

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Russian black rye bagel with warmed Pastrami,melted Swiss cheese, flat pickle slices and Russian dressing.

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Chopped cucumbers mixed with cream cheese, and spread on a bagel.

Sometimes, when no one’s around, I like to drape a bagel over each ear and pretend I’m Princess Leia. May the Lox and cream cheese be with you.


May the lox be with you…hilarious.

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I brought bagels for my family- as is expected at this point- and this was my nephew’s breakfast, he just turned 12 and is a bottomless pit.
Toasted buttered sesame with two fried eggs and bacon


Cinnamon, no raisin, bagel cut up into bite sized pcs soaked in french toast egg batter poured into a pyrex cup and baked until golden brown on top and cooked thru in the middle. A bit of whipped goat cheese and blackberries on top.

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I have never seen one of those. If I had, I’d get them but I hate raisins!

Yeah NOT a fan of raisins here either. Cinnamon only bagels are common in the fall. I know some shops call them french toast bagels.

Have to say…here in NYC…exactly Queens…we have Cinnamon Raisin, French Toast, Blueberry…no hybrids, and all of the regular…Utopia Bagels…has been my source since 1972!
They even opened an outpost in Boca Raton Fla. near my father’s house and about 10 minutes from mine in Delray Beach.

Lucky dog!

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