Build Your bagel

Bagel lovers only need apply!

So, as the garden swells to tomato capacity, my thoughts race to a toasted bagel with a very thin smear of goat cheese, a thick slice of red, juicy tomato, s&p. Sure, I can gild the lily with nova, onion, capers…but there is something so satisfying about the simple and sublime.

How do you build your bagel? Let 'em rip!



Toasted pumpernickel bagel, chive cream cheese, honey mustard, thinly sliced sweet onion, sliced hardcooked egg, good liverwurst.

Wow, very specific flavors! That’s what I call building a masterpiece for the eyes and enjoyment.

While everything sounds great, my boringly traditional preference is a lightly toasted sesame bagel with a good amount of cream cheese, lox, and maybe a few capers.

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Nothing boring about having your bagel your way.

Thanks. I know, but maybe this will encourage me to branch out. Your goat cheese and tomato sounds awfully good!

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At the bagel shop: everything or pumpernickle (not toasted! No toasting fresh bagels!) with cream cheese (plain nondairy), shredded lettuce, onion, tomato, thin sliced dill pickle, and brown mustard.
Or i go to whatever they say is still warm with pb and j, but i have to ask not too much pb or they add like an inch- literally!

At home: defrosted and toasted (from previous bagel shop purchase), and i prefer open face- usually just half a bagel since they’re good sized.
Depends if it’s breakfast or lunch but favorites include a layer of smashed avocado and then tomato slices with salt and pepper, or just a generous amount of almond butter and thin sliced apple or whatever fruit i have on hand

Good point about open faced vs closed bagel. I go open because it lasts longer and more surface area to doctor up.


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Cream cheese, lox,onion,tomato, capers and squeeze of lemon and pepper

Everything, ALWAYS toasted (I love toast! I like a little crunch on the edges! There’s a reason Murray’s gave in!) with scallion cream cheese. That’s it.

Eaten open faced so I can spread the cream cheese evenly vs the usual lumpiness, and so it lasts longer, and also so the cream cheese doesn’t squelch out as I bite (yes, technique. no, I don’t have it.)

At home, also toasted. Usually just with butter, which melts (toasted!) but occasionally with smoked salmon as well.

I’ve never understood tomatoes on bagels. Last week at Murray’s I overheard someone tell a friend - you just ask for the tomatoes, then you take them off and eat them on the side. Hmm.


I’m way on the conservative side: A plain Bagel with an ample schmeer of butter.


And mine would sub an onion bagel for the sesame, use scallion cream cheese, nova and horseradish, no capers!

Horseradish! Nice!

I love toast.

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Sometimes I make scallion/horseradish cream cheese.

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Potent! I would def. cut that delicious idea with a slice of tomato😁

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There’s that squeeze of lemon again. I use lemon on many things too.

Pumpernickel bagel toasted with whipped butter and sliced radishes, s&p.

Egg bagel, deeply toasted with butter and honey drizzle

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OH - that sounds great!