Build A Burger

Protein-ground lamb
Mix ins-ground oregano, s&p
Cooked, medium
Condiment-mint pesto spread on toasted bun
Topping-lemon roasted Yukon baby potatoes sliced thin
Gilding the lily-a grilled halloumi slice
Bun-toasted brioche roll

Your turn, everything goes👍


Protein-black bean patty pan cooked in olive oil and minced shallots, cooked until warmed thru
Toppings stacked-sliced avocado, pickled beets, feta cheese, mixed greens, sprouts, roasted peppers
Bun-toasted potato bun
Condiment- hummus
The unexpected-grilled pineapple slice

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Protein-ground brisket grilled medium
Toppings-saute onion and mushrooms
Condiment-brown gravy
Bun-toasted black rye bread


One half pound prime ground chuck medium rare, maybe some cheddar on half of it maybe not. Lots of salt and pepper a cheap bun and done.


Protein: ground pork
Mix ins: minced garlic, smoky paprika, s&p.
Medium rare.
Goat cheese melted over the top.
Little honey buns (not sweet), buttered and griddled, homemade Peruvian aji verde on one side, the other piled with lettuce, tomato, jalapeno and avocado.

(actually made this a couple weeks ago, as posted in WFD.)

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omg that looks fantastic!

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Sometimes thats all you need! Cheers!

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Yesterday for lunch:

protein - chipotle black bean burger (Morningstar Farms)
toppings - avocado, ranchera salsa, strip of crispy bacon
bun - actually base - cilantro cole slaw

It was gooood!

I am also a fan of:

protein - 80/20 organic grass-fed beef
mix-ins - none - seasoned with salt and pepper and maybe a little Montreal Steak seasoning
toppings: mayo, lettuce, garden tomato, Claussen thin sliced pickle rounds, ketchup
bun: toasted potato or sesame seed

I also like barbecue sauce and cheddar and Swiss/blue cheese with mushrooms.

Always medium rare if I have my druthers.

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I enjoy those Morningstar burgers too.

I found Montreal seasoning in the cabinet and gave my burger a heavy coating. Pan cooked and slathered with grated swiss cheese and baby port mushrooms. Thxs for the inspiration.

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I approve!

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I love to make the burgers of my youth which seem currently out of fashion, but I am currently out of fashion too so everything’s good. :smiley:
Thin burgers at pretty high heat to get that crisp edge that really only comes from a flattop. Cheese as desired with grilled onions smushed into the whole shebang
pre bun.
Lettuce, tomato :tomato:, mayonnaise and mustard. And pickles.


That crispy edge is the best! I like your style! Under appreciated who says?!


Ground chuck , sirloin , and short rib. Grind your own or put it in the food processor , which works well .Just pulse . Form into thin patties . Put in fridge for 20 min . Remove .salt both sides .
Cook on cast iron grill pan until you get the crispy edges . Keep juicy . Add a slice of american cheese. Cover for a minute until cheese melts . Toast 2 pieces of white bread . Remove burger and place on toast cheese side down. . Simple condiments is all it needs . Slice burger sandwich in half .



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Burger garnish on blue cheese wedge salad. “Tastes like the tail end on a Whopper,” my husband said.

Another nice looking plate! Nice idea to make the burger the garnish.

I can’t decide if that’s a compliment or a sleight, assuming he was still talking about burgers.
Maybe both… :smiley:

I think it was well meant :smiley:

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Last night was 80/20 grass fed ground beef seasoned with salt, smoked paprika, Penzeys Mural of Flavor and aleppo pepper

Medium rare

Mine on a pile of romaine and spinach, his on grilled rounds of sweet potato

Both scattered with sungold garden tomatoes, avocado, smoky cheese and bacon.

I used leftover crema de aji for “dressing” (the aji amarillo plants are loaded this time of year so its a regular condiment around here.)