British-style chips, rectangular prism shaped, in Toronto and the GTA

I’m trying to help a friend in Durham Region find British-style chips.

So far, it looks like St Andrew’s in Scarborough might be okay.

Feathers, the Caledonian, Man of Kent, the Duke Pubs, the Queen and Beaver, The Oxley, and all the other pub chips /fish & chips spot I’ve checked in TO look like they’re serving regular Canadian chip truck chips, frites
or fries.
From the Caledonian

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I know that you’re experienced in the Brit chip. But for those not, then you’re looking for something about 1cm square (maybe a little less, maybe a little more - but only a little). Frying needs to make it crisp-ish, but but not as crisp as a fast food fry. The perfect chip, IMO, should have that crispness but still retaining a hint of floppiness, with a soft, fluffy interior.

I’m sure I’ve mentioned this before but I live about a 30 minute drive, through the next borough, to the town of Mossley, where the first fish & chip shop was recorded in 1865.


My friend is an ex-pat, and even the spots run by British ex-pats in Toronto mostly have a square prism, rather than rectangular prism-shaped chip.

The square prism shape is the shape of most fresh-cut chips in Canada, which is its own thing with a following. The Canadian chip wagon or chip truck is a thing.

I hope to make it back to Greater Manchester, and visit Mossley some day, but who knows when that will happen.

I got a kick out of the list of restaurants open in Mossley in 2023, listed on TripAdvisor. The places serving the fish & chips don’t seem to be getting great ratings. Mossley has a Ho Ho Chinese Restaurant and a Lal Qila Indian restaurant. Quite a few Chinese restaurants called Ho Ho or occasionally Hoo Hoo (which means very good) in Canada, and quite a few Indian restaurants called Lal Qila (after the Red Fort), as well. Restaurant owners often go for the classic names. I always take photos of Greek restaurants called Zorba’s while travelling. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Visit the metro area and you will have a great time. But don’t bother with Mossley. Whatever sun may have shined in the past, is now well hidden behind clouds.


Durham Region is rather large. Are you able to narrow that down a bit?


You may enjoy this Vietnamese place in Manchester. Or not. The owner is a Mr Cue


Pho King Fabulous in Toronto closed in 2021.

There was a Cluck U chicken wing restaurant not far from where I lived in NYC. I never went.

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My friend is based in Ajax. I would think she is open to travelling to Oshawa, Whitby, Brooklin and Pickering for food.

By the way, @Harters , we also have a Manchester, Ontario. The McDonald’s is better than average for a small town McDonald’s. Manchester, Ontario’s Country Style Donuts is worse than average for a small town Country Style Donuts.

I do appreciate that Country Style still is in business and still makes Cherry Sticks. Sadly, the last 2 Country Style Donuts I visited were disappointing, compared to the Country Styles of yore. Tim Hortons, McDs and the most gas stations between Oshawa and Ottawa are doing a better job keeping their WCs tidy than the 2 Country Styles I visited in 2022.


I’m rather partial to Malt & Salt in Pickering. It’s just a little hole in the wall in a strip plaza, but such is suburban life.

There are quite a few mom & pop fish & chips shops out that way. I would recommend your friend start with the one closest to home and make their way from there. The best sign I find is if they make their own tartar sauce. Those are the places that care.

Avoid the chain Halibut House. It gives bland a bad name.


Right on. Thank you, Googs!

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Mention of Pickeirng in the context of fish & chips prompts this link.


I don’t recall if they’re British-style chips since I never paid attention to the shape. But my go to is an oldie: Olde York Fish & Chips. Another one perhaps closer to Durham is Black Dog Pub but I haven’t been there in at least a decade.


I’ve loved Black Dog Pub for many, many years as has my spouse. Absolutely the high water mark for pub food in Scarborough.

Our last experience in September, though, wasn’t great. Maybe it was because we both ordered specials instead of off the regular menu. Still, pretty surprising/disappointing for both of us. We’ll definitely go again, mind you. One off night in decades of great ones is a pretty good track record.