Breakfast sandwiches, egg on a roll, etc.

I’ve been making and ordering breakfast sandwiches a lot lately. Thought I’d start posting photos of the ones I make , seek out or order.

I filed this under Cooking since I have been cooking 95% of my breakfasts the last 8 months.

Please add your favourites, too.

Yesterday’s peameal bacon, egg and cheese on rye at a greasy spoon called Our Spot in Toronto.


Not to “yuck your yum” but I can’t stand rye bread. Not sure what happened to me as a child but I am deeply scared by rye bread and still detest it to this day. Otherwise nice sandwich! lol


Bacon, egg and cheese on toast or better yet, a toasted plain or sesame bagel. Egg and cheese on a fresh croissant (somehow crispy bacon doesn’t work on a fluffy croissant for me). Pepper and egg on a kaiser or Italian roll. And one I know most can’t get behind . . . scrapple with ketchup on untoasted bread (what can I say–I’m a Philly girl).


Lol. I totally understand. While I’ve always liked plain rye bread, I hated caraway/kümmel/kimmel, so rye bread often came with an unpleasant- to- me surprise.

This was the first time I’ve ordered a breakfast sandwich on rye. Usually it’s on white, on a biscuit or on a roll if i order one out, and wholegrain or challah at home.


I didn’t find out about pepper and egg sandwiches until August!
I will seek one out next time I’m in NY or NJ.


Reading that made me gag.

I’m a HUGE breakfast biscuit guy, who surprisingly this weekend tried Wendy’s breakfast for the first time this weekend. Believe it or not their sausage, egg and cheese on a biscuit was quite good!! On par with Mc Donald’s whose breakfast biscuit sandwiches are very good if you ask me!


Or SE Pennsylvania?

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Funnily the opposite here - never encountered it as a child but I love that kind of rye toast, buttered, as an adult.

That with a side of scrambled eggs and an occasional bacon splurge was breakfast from my work cafeteria for a long time.


I love rye in all forms. Russian dark rye my favorite. My fav breakfast sandwich has been hard to seek out so when aI have the makings I go:

Buttered dark rye toast, fried egg, hash brown patty, smoked bacon, thick slice of tomato, swiss cheese, sliced avocado, sliced red onion, sliced thin dill pickle.

Second to that is a scrambled egg, roasted yukon potato, roasted Red peppers and mozzarella cheese breakfast sub assembled, wrapped in tinfoil and warmed in the oven.


Sure, I’ll make sure it’s on my list next time I visit Philadelphia. That said, I’ll probably be in NYC or Jersey City before I get to Philadelphia.

These are the 2 recipes I had looked at- but maybe they are more Chicago-style.


The ubiquitous bodega / street cart egg sandwich is one of my all-time favorite breakfasts. Soft roll, heated up on the griddle, s&p&… ketchup! The blasphemy…

Technically an everything bagel (toasted well) with scallion cream cheese also counts as a sandwich… that’s another on my favorites list.


The best for me is BLT (when tomatoes are in season) on a chewy toasted Iggy’s Francese toasted with a fried egg on top. Maybe a little Miracle Whip to hold it all together. Takes me through till dinner time.


The one time I had scrapple, my BIL served it with Tabasco - great!


There are not too many things I would refuse to eat, if brought to me to eat when I choose to wake up. Almost as good is knowing folks in my home have been offered things to eat, and it’s not on me.

I would eat “fast food” .


Really enjoyed the bacon, lettuce and nectarine sandwich on sourdough I concocted this past summer. Splashed with some balsamic vinegar, and black pepper. Otherwise not a big fan of breakfast sandwiches. Oh and love bagels with cream cheese, cold smoked salmon, capers and lemon. Will take a good everything bagel anyday. As you may guess, bagels are way subpar in my locale, but good ones in Seattle.


With a nectarine…brilliant.


I love breakfast sandwiches. I could eat these all day, and as I typed that I just asked myself why I don’t! I should make these for dinner. But dang, they are good because I put sausage or bacon, cheese, and eggs on mine, so what’s not to love? Not exactly heart out waist line healthy. Give it to me on a bagel, an English muffin, a biscuit… I’m not picky.

I even like Dunkin Donuts turkey sausage on a flat bread breakfast sandwich. It’s supposed to be one of their healthier alternatives, but it’s pretty tasty.


I’m not much of a breakfast eater, but a good brunch sandwich is based on sliced Portuguese linguicia sausage, soft scrambled eggs and toasted, buttered Portuguese muffins which are larger/denser than English muffins and have some sweetness to them.

I also like McD’s sausage egg McMuffins…a twice a year treat when we’re on the road.


I had an amazing breakfast sandwich with linguica at a Lupulo ( I think that was its name) in Manhattan a month or so before it closed. Let me find that photo.