Bread oven

Saw it another day, I think interesting for those who bake a lot of bread at home. One can add water in the reservoir to create steam.

Looks like they are selling in US. I would like this tool to lift bread from the dutch oven.


Interesting… do you not get good results from your oven without such a gadget?

I use cast iron pot, the sliding the load in the tunnel is more practical than tossing the dough in the heated pot. And at times, I need to pot to cook too… LOL!

But $325 for a pizza stone and an aluminum hood?!

My oven has convection and I just use a pizza stone (sometimes with a foil hood).

I wonder if they make roofing tiles that big?

It’s cast iron.

Agreed that it’s over priced, but still like the idea.

Surely it doesn’t need to be. Ceramic or aluminum would work just fine. Plus I wish it had a door in front or an open back for more even cooking (or am I missing something?).

Oh, it has. Saw the video on the site.

Ok… that’s good. But just can’t be a fan for $325! I’m gonna look to see how big of a ceramic roof tile I can find. (c;

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Santa left this monster.


Lucky guy!

Good thing Santa measured my wall oven because the floor model was tight!

How do you like it?

It’s a Cadillac. I have a large, deep cast iron dutch oven and a clay pot but those make every bread loaf into a round. This monster, I can make any shape.

I like the size, you can make baguettes! How to add steam?

Once the irons heats up for 40-45 minutes, I hit the under lid with water (spray bottle). But I think the high, elongated dome and fantastic seal when the two pieces are in the fit position creates plenty of hot airflow.

Sounds good. Looking forward to your baking!


So cute

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