Bread oven

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Good that you mentioned this, I’ve have a Staub tajine, a ceramic cover and cast iron plate, easier to move the dough!

I’m also thinking a pizza stone plus an upside down pot may work well.

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Upside down steel bowl is a lot easier to maneuver / lift out after the first stage

Thanks for the welcome. I’m a chowhound alum. After posting there since 2009, here we are. Glad to be with you.


I agree about the bread pot - potato pot from EH. I use them for my everyday boules and love them. You can also buy a replacement piece if you drop half (Oops). I have used cast iron, glass, and several other ceramic bakers, but I keep coming back to this. The only “disadvantage” is that due to the shape of the pot, the bottom of the boule is a bit curved. I think they make something similar for a loaf, but I haven’t tried that. In regard to lifters, there are several silicone lifters available that can go directly into the bottom of a cooking vessel. They have a round center and two handles

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