Blu Grotto in Oceanport

(Mr met) #81

that stinks that they are this busy, but I guess the unique setting and location place the fact that they do a good job there leads them to be busy. If only more places would take note.

(Junior) #82

True and that’s what I said last year during the summer when I called up to a week in advance and was turned away!! This is March and they are this booked already?


Yeah I think this spot nailed it. It’s a good mix of ambiance, price, comfort, location, and decent food.

Combined, these factors should keep them rather busy during all seasons. This Summer should be pretty interesting to see.


Do WE need to get in there together??


Go on a Thursday, went last Thursday night and there was only 4 people there the whole time I was there.


Thx for that tip!


While I am hopeful that either my experience was an aberration or that the place has done a complete 180, I must admit to cringing when reading these posts.