Blu Grotto in Oceanport [NJ]

I’m wondering if it was the later reservation or maybe b/c of restaurant week, but it was kinda bizarre- like 3 entrees, a cpl apps, and even dessert; I’ve never experienced something like it before.
Hoping to try the brunch one of these days for next trip…

Yeah. The quality of projectors in public places is outrageous. For some reason, if they decide to put a projector they go with worst one 4 going back model. The market is full with great and relatively cheap gadgets. Just check this $200 projector list. Xinda HD, for example provides 1920x1080 resolution. That’s huge and not expensive.

Just returned from another great meal here. Long story short; General Tsu calamari = delicious
Pork Chop on menu = delicious and salmon special = delicious.

A very nice experience


Did anyone get a text today from blu grotto? I am wondering how they got my number.

maybe your friend from Russel & Bette’s?

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has anyone been top the Beer Garden lately? Curious how it is as a spot to go for some food and drinks? If It gets packed or what crowd is like?

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Is Tuesday the new business entertaining day? “Now open for lunch and dinner on Tuesdays”…?

Yeah that is the one I got too. Are we on some special bonehead list or VIP list? Lol

Metsfan, the beer garden isn’t really my favorite. Maybe a trip or two a year is ok but that is about it. I’m sure others here like it though.

I assume they charge extra for the apostrophe in Tuesday’s.

SORRY–can’t unsee those things! :roll_eyes:


CJ- what didn’t you like if you don’t mind me asking. curious- thinking of heading there for something. Bad vide/crowd?

Yes, I did. Wondering the same…

When there’s a good band there, it gets pretty crowded. This coming Friday night is a prime example. Food is pretty good. Pizza is good. Tough place if you’re doing low carb. It’s a nice environment: open air but partially roofed, expansive grassy area.

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I never had a bad time. I would give it a shot…lots of people like it.

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OMG! Thank you for saying that! I resisted. We are doomed to deal with the apostrophe because iPhones auto-correct every plural word by erroneosly inserting an apostrophe.

Autocorrect is (Subtly) Ruining Grammar

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Grammar — and especially correct apostrophe usage — was ruined long before autocorrect came along (says this former English teacher)!


I think both the inside restaurant and the beer garden are great spots (I like the bar area inside). They have really expanded the beer garden and now there is a full tented stage area in addition to more tables, etc. If the band causes mayhem downstairs and you also want to really enjoy the main menu, sitting outside upstairs is a great middle ground.

I do love the food here. The pastas are always great, love the crudo options (they change from time to time), and the octopus is the best in the area (including the presentation).

I only have two gripes to share. 1) They have an off-menu cacio e pepe pasta, done up in a cheese wheel. I love cacio e pepe. I know it well. It can be good with different cheeses, I know because i make it at home sometimes with reggiano, sometimes with padano, sometimes with pecorino, or a combination. Not sure what they do here, but it is just wayyyy to salty. I think the wheel is reggiano, and my only guess is that they also add salt. Not necessary for this dish no matter what cheese is used, as all are salty enough , especially pecorino (locatelli).

Gripe #2. Ordered the beer garden burger once. The description was that of a gourmet burger, and knowing how the place approaches food, I was very excited for it. I think it was priced at about $14. When it came, it was a small, overcooked patty with maybe a sad tomato and wilty lettuce. Something that is served at a 4th of july cookout for 100 people. I was sad.

But overall I think it is a great place and will continue to frequent it.

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I will bump this back up, went last night and accepted 8pm reservations to avoid the limited restaurant week menu. It’s been awhile since we’ve been, I frankly won’t try during the summer, and boy did we miss it.

2 pork chops one hot one not. (They changed to one thick chop ala Semolina and besides Semolina it might my favorite) Excellent with the peppers and onions.

1 linguine and clams my daughter loved it!

1 scallops seared perfectly with just a hint of lemon, fantastic!

Apps were meat and cheeses, some nice truffle and Parmesan chunks, this was the least wow plate of the night. It was fine just no wow factor in any of it.

Sauté Italian long hot peppers, these were very good sautéed with sausage and topped with cheese, nice spicy app!

Service was attentive and better than I recall.

Great night in one of the best dining rooms in the area. Sorry no pics!


Just wondering if anyone has gone recently. Going to see a show at Monmouth Park next Wednesday at 7 and was thinking of eating dinner here before. Beyond the usual how was the food also wondering about the stuff we unfortunately have to think about like table spacing and employees wearing masks. Also do tables have adequate sun protection although probably not a huge deal at 5 PM. Thanks.

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I’d love to know the same… friends have a table for a show in a few weeks and I’m willing to go if reports are good in terms of safety. The menu is somewhat limited on show nights; I did see that buried here on their site:

(Sidebar: In addition to menu editing, I could make a fortune doing website reviews/edits. SIGH.)

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