Blackening seasoning

Do you have a favorite store bought brand? (Or favorite recipe)

The paul P redfish magic seems popular.

I plan to eat more fish as part of my diet and I love swordfish. So I’m looking for something tasty for sword but I’m open to other recommendations for other types fish/chicken. If you have any other seasoning for sword, I’d like to hear that too.


I haven’t tried it on fish yet, but I was recently introduced to this Jerk Seasoning by another poster here on HO. If you like a little spice, I highly recommend trying it!

walkerswood jerk seasoning

Funny, I was going to suggest that, but thought the flavor might overwhelm the fish; kinda think swordfish would stand up to it though. A light coating if using the paste or a short soak in the marinade. Def worth a try IMO.

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A cautionary note…

I use Emeril’s Essence on everything.