Better soup ladle?

Okay, does anyone have a favorite soup ladle? I’m especially looking for one what may not be the traditional round shape so I can actually get into all the inside edges of soup pot.

if you google “square ladle” you find many many shapes.

And that’s the problem; if I google “square ladle” I want to find square ladles, not round ladles, oval ladles, ladles shaped like Darth Vader, general cookware, or table flatware. I see very few useful results.

My (inelegant) solution is to pour the last bit out of the pot.

(I haven’t actually found a Darth Vader ladle, but Target has “Star Wars” spatulas, and Kohl’s had Darth Vader toasters and waffle irons, so it wouldn’t surprise me.)

you should try it some time. it turns up all kinds of shapes and configurations.

Thanks ZwielbelHash, but I’m well familiar with this new-fangled Googling thing. I was, however, hoping for some specific recommendations.

That’s my complaint. If I google “ladle” I expect all sorts of shapes and configurations. If I google “square ladle” I want only square ladles.

(If I google “Thai restaurant” I don’t want a list of all restaurants.)

Here’s a thread I began 2 yrs ago back in “The Forbidden Country”:

I googled “square ladle” and got loads of different square ladles available for sale.

Googled square ladle and got all types of shapes, the first 20 are squares but after all styles.

Flexible silicone ladles will bend to get into the corners.

Thanks Grey. I’d found that thread previously. Unfortunately, that ladle seems to be sold out in most places.

Hal, I never thought about silicone before! That might do the trick.

Just use a large plastic serving spoon, which will get into the corner better than any shaped ladle for the last bit of soup. Sure, it’s one more thing to clean, but does that really much matter in a dishwasher? Plus most people will already have one, so nothing to buy.

A traditional ladle with a deep bowl is great for moving portions of soup from the pot to the bowl, but for other purposes, like skimming I prefer a large metal cooking spoon with an elongated and shallower bowl. I took my large metal spoon and bent the handle up from the bowl so it’s almost upright the way the handle of a ladle is, rather than in a straight line with the bowl. Works great.

Since most soup pots are round, a round or oval spoon works better getting at the edges of the pot than a square edge ladle would.

My mother had one of these and I would have taken it but it was so old that the silver plating had worn off in spots. :frowning: The black ones at the dollar stores are not as nice looking, but do have deep bowls.

As an aside, I think Chinese soup spoons are so much better designed than Western ones; the latter lift hardly any soup in each spoonful.

Please re-think your verbiage here, the politically correct term among the ladle community is “socially awkward” ladle, not square.

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Good thread.

And comments about this one?

Outside of the fact it looks a bit like a medieval torture instrument, I suppose it’s actually an ambidextrous ladle?

Since you asked for a specific item, I just got this silcone ladle made by T-Fal. I haven’t actually used it yet, but it pushes all my “hot buttons”.

The handle is nice and long and not too bendy, the capacity is about right, and the bowl is slightly square and has just the right degree of flexibility to reach into the corners of a Le Creuset French oven. It’s a seamless one-piece molding with no gap between the bowl and handle to trap gunk. It also has a hole for hanging it up. Temperature rated to 375 F.

Ugggghhh you are so right about that. I HATE cooking utensils with a separate handle that allows dish water to get trapped in that “oozes” out when you tip it over. The worst!

Ohhhh, TanukiSoup, we may just have a winner!

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