Best Side-Cut Can Opener?

I’ve always had and liked Swing-A-Ways, , but Wahine cut herself recently using one, and I’d like to find a manual opener that smoothly removes the rim with the top.

Who here has what, and what do you like or dislike about it?



I have had a Zyliss for many years. I like everything about it. It has never failed (even on some dented cans), and I have never had to wash it. Unfortunately they don’t make the model I have any more.

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I did buy a zyliss and it does sharp edges it unataches from the can so I also am looking for a new one. This is the one not to buy:

I had one from Tupperware with no sharp edges which I would not buy again.

I’m looking into these:



Kuhn Rikon

I’m interested in knowing if anyone has tried these?

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No, but the last one looks very much like my Zyliss model.

Here is the current side cut model…

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Thanks, I watched the video and this one looks like a much better design than the other sharped edged one that I purchased.
I had to turn the tomato can upside down for it to open. It’s just not a good design.
This one looks much better thank you.

I have the OXO - many years. I actually think I wore it out, it was getting a bit iffy.
ordered a new one earlier in the week - did not hesitate to buy another OXO.

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I love my swing- away, but I also:
have a side opener. A Rösle. I don’t think they’re available any more, but I like the fact that it only has one handle - doesn’t take up much room in the drawer. I think Fissler makes a similar one.

Thanks this one does work better on small canned tomato paste than the other Zyliss can opener that I have with the sharp edge (pictured above on my post from May 6th).

It takes a little getting use to so thank you for posting the link with the video.

I have this Amazon: Oxo Good Grips Smooth Edge one.
It is good and not good. It was great it was new. After 6 month or so (I don’t even use it that often), I would need to go around 2-3 times before I make full cut. What I do love about it is that the cut lid is super smooth.

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I’m beginning to wonder if they are all like that.
My Tupperware one was great at first then died off quickly.
I’ve gone through 2 of those and I don’t open a lot of cans because many have the clip to open it.
I do like the smooth edge though and so do my fingers.

I think from a pure “opening” perspective, these smooth edge can openers are not great. I also like the side cut can opener, because I can put the cut lids back on to continue to store the foods. That is nice too.

The Zyliss I have has been used for decades, and it still goes around once and I feel the “click”… I then can remove the lid with the little pincher.

I like to open the cans before I start cooking then put the lid back on until ready to add to the pan or bowl.
As for storing, I transfer anything unused into a glass jar.
My understansing is that you cannot store food in the tin onced opened unless it has that white lining inside.
I always transfer over into a glass jar to refrigerate regardless of the lining.

I used to able to open it with my hand, but now I have to use that little pincher. Maybe I am just spoiled from when it was new.

I see. I don’t try to store long anyway.

I have an Oxo model, which seems to not be available any longer. It looks most like this, with a three-armed turner on top (not to the side): but it doesn’t really snap and lock. It definitely is a smooth edge, I’ve never cut myself on a lid or can.

I have 2 of the Kuhn Rikon. It works great for me and I can recommend it. I purchased it off of a recommendation from a friend.

I have ‘discovered’ the potential issue with side opener ‘problems’

see the photo, note the difference in the profile at the top of the can.
on the left - this one takes 2-3 trips of an OXO to open, lots of ‘wrinkles’
on the right - one trip, no problems.

on the left, imported, care to guess? “Product of China”
open the bottom of the can - it has the usual&customary design . . .

I just purchased the Kuhn Rikon–so far, so good. It has lots of tricks to explore.

After I’ve used it for awhile, I’ll give a more complete report.


Hi Ray,

I tried the one above recommended by @ScottinPollock (the new model posted in the link) and it works great.

It takes a little getting use to because it only has one handle and how it attaches to the can. The Zyliss worked the last 5 times I used it very sturdy I think that it will last.
So this Zyliss side-cut model gets my stamp of approval.