Best of Asbury [NJ]

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Eater just came out with their list of 13 restaurants to eat & drink at in Asbury Park.

Eater’s list of where to eat & drink in Asbury Park

(Mr met) #129

what do the resident Asbury experts think of this- at first glance seems decent to me- but Pop’s garage #2 is concerning.

(Eli Paryzer) #130

I don’t think it’s necessarily listed in ‘best to worst’ order. It might be more in geographical or just random order.

(Mr met) #131

ah…just glanced quickly.

Either way Pops prob doesn’t belong?

Eli- as note to our board shutterfly- as a newer member ( I think) and not from Monmouth county- this site and its members from Monmouth county have a “unique” relationship with the owner of this particular establishment. check out the Russell and Bette’s posting for reference, believe both owner and the manager have stepped in on that one for an interesting discussion. Long story short- place on the list that s not know for having top notch culinary efforts.
Actually -looks like the owner was on a separate chain- also with finding and reading to get an idea.


I haven’t open the link yet (will do so now) but that gives me great pause!


Now that I’ve looked through the list, I have another objection: the diner in the Lanes has literally been open for about two weeks at this point. Putting it on the list seems a bit premature… And they didn’t include Barrio Costero or Reyla, both of which I think our time it v good food (although Barrio is way overpriced imo). I do agree with the rest of the list, however. Brando’s offends me because it’s insanely overpriced Italian, It’s the food I’ve had there during happy hour has been reasonably priced and very tasty.

(Junior) #134

Pops Garage??? GFY Eater!

I concur Brando’s way over rated and priced, and dammit where is Jimmy’s???


I can give them a pass for omitting Jimmy’s since the article is about places to eat when you’re “at the beach” and nobody’s walking to Jimmy’s from the beach!

But Pop’s?!?? YEESH.

(Retired !) #136

Payola, balderdash and bar food. In no particular order.

I think somebody from Eater recycled a list, which I don’t find surprising. Eater = Penny Saver.

More like Eeeuuuwww.

I keep waiting for that place to close, the one in Shrewsbury already has. But then Shrewsbury had no liquor license. And you know that story…


At the top of the article:
Note: Restaurants on this map are listed geographically.

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Payola, balderdash and bar food comments applied in no particular order.

What was the geographical sorting criteria?


It’s from the beach and there’s a map next to that note.

(Roland) #140

Kula Cafe? You would need to Uber there from the beach, this list is horse shit, with the exception of Frank’s and Talulaha.

And they have places on Cookman so I don’t see why Reyla etc wouldn’t be on there other than I wouldn’t consider them casual enough to walk in in beach attire

(Retired !) #141

So Franks is first and it’s not close to the beach.

Then Poops which is on the boardwalk comes third.

Then comes other stuff in between.

Not making sense to me.

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Is it maybe north to south ???

If so, that’s just plain weird.

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What do we have that (all) the list makers don’t? Likely many things but I’ll stick with what’s really important: integrity. And we are likely free from what is really ruining everything: geed. We should make ‘a list’ and pop it out to Insta & Twit & facecrack.

We’ll know when we’ve done the correct job - folks will want to bribe us - it will be a good test of character.

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I like the cut of your jib. (I’m also very open to bribes)

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Seems some of us are more geedy than others…

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I see I owe the universe an “r” - GREED.