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Here is another 33 Texas original not to be confused with the Flameado:

Anybody recognize this one?

Sitting Duck - Long Branch, NJ
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Here is a 33 fundido which is not to be confused with a 33 flameado (notice less flames)…

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Well here’s Cooks Country with a microwave "fun"dido recipe that sure looks like Chile con Queso to me…

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Hey, did you ever figure out what to do about the lunch?


After dropping in a few places mentioned upthread, the wife went in an entirely different direction and booked Anemos in Manalapan. Thx to all who helped me get started on a list for the next time around!

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How was Anemos? In my list to try but haven’t gone yet.

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We still love you, @NotJrvedivici !!!

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See!! People think I’m always being a wise guy!

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Nope. A prophet maybe.

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He actually comes by pretty often, curious as to how long he will play.

We’ve entered the lottery for residents so hopefully we get tickets.

I stopped in the Lanes last night, sterile space, loved the old Lanes especially the bar area which they converted into a diner

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Yep. Newer not necessarily better in Asbury. When they get done it will be Disney at the Shore, complete with theme pavilions serving food. We already have psuedo Chzech, Cuba, Italy, Mexico & California.

Thank God for Franks…

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Let’s not forget psuedo Irish with Johnny Macs


Agreed on Bruce coming to AP fairly often; I first saw him at the Light of Day concert, then at the Basie at Little Steven’s album release party, and then at the Transparent Clinch Gallery, where I finally met him (or shall I say, he met ME and I agreed to a photo). He’s done a hell of a lot for this town, and I’m thrilled by the announcement of that show at the Lanes–hopefully we both get in! :slight_smile:

I was never in the old version of the Lanes but I do understand why those who were aren’t 100% thrilled–but I still see it as progress and am happy to have another music venue vs. more condos.

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The Howard Johnson nostaligia ride…

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Yep. That’s true. Also better off not getting mugged on the boardwalk.

“Change is a constant, master when to exploit it or step aside”- I Ching.

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I have no problem with change, but having grown up in New Orleans where the bowling alley my mom took me too became the blueprint for a concert venue in a bowling alley, they managed to keep it feeling old even after they moved locations.
It just seems too new and sterile, now they are booking some good bands so I have no problem with that