Best of Asbury [NJ]

Given the. Heavy Monmouth county vibe I figured this would make an interesting topic. Being a AP virgin id love to hear some input here. For you Yankees up north it’s perfect timing with summer coming up.

Nope!! Nada…Nein…Nyet…没有…لla…아니

I"m sorry Yankee’s Mr. Met aka Metsfan53 is mistaken, the “Jersey Shore” is closed this summer. There is an ocean / air borne thing going around you DO NOT want to risk coming down this summer. Nope, just stay home in Bayonne Elizabeth Newark New York just Go Home!!! Nothing to see here {{cough cough}} look I"m already coughing from it. Save yourself!!! :nauseated_face::face_vomiting::nauseated_face::face_vomiting::yum:


I’m hoping if I send some to AP I can maybe get to SB sometime before Sept 15th…

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We don’t go to AP from Memorial to Labor Day BUT we have really been loving Reyla’s. Absolutely check them out. Owned by the same people as Barrio Costero (expensive, but tasty tacos etc). We also really enjoyed lunch at Taka a couple months ago, but haven’t been back.

We were super disappointed at Moonstruck and Cross & Orange. There is a lot of love on this board for Sabine and Pascale’s but we have had pretty poor meals twice. I love the space though but would only come back for drinks.

We went to At the Table once and I liked it but I can’t eat like that often.

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He’s not lying. It’s real.

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SO with you on Reyla!!! (But most of you already knew that).

I also love Taka, Speakeatery, and a few others, but Brando at #1? No way.

A few additional notes:

Kim Marie’s appears to have new owners (Prime 13)…no idea how/if that will change things, but I still say it’s what I call “serviceable”–eat a turkey wrap or a burger and you’ll be fine. :slight_smile:

I’ve never understood the appeal of Toast–and that goes back to when they only had the place in Montclair. There are SO many better breakfast/brunch/lunch options in and around AP, imo (Buttered Biscuit, Cardinal, Chat 'n Nibble…)

You just can’t put Robinson’s Ale House ahead of Cardinal. YOU. CAN’T. Robinson’s = Sysco.


Only the kitchen at Kim Marie’s has changed hands.

Cross and Orange is horrible, I don’t get putting Cubacan that high on the list, basically stay away from anything on the boardwalk unless you have to have a view of the ocean while eating.

Brando’s is food but I wouldn’t put it at number 1.

Moonstruck we went to once and have not retuenes, just mediocre at best

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Um, just realized…Bellmonte’s is on the list but NO TALULA’S? I mean, REALLY. #done

It’s a mcClone…


It is verboten and in extremely poor taste to recommend any resto from the evil empire.

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Wait there are two freaking robinsons ale houses? The rb one isn’t shitty enough and they made a second? (Or vice versa)


Talula’s is #13 on the list.

  1. Talula’s
    550 Cookman Ave.
    Let’s not mix words: people go freaking nuts for Talula’s. Not long after its 2014 opening, this trendy pizza restaurant become the darling of the Asbury foodie scene, has been well-reviewed in the New York Times — and by us — and the casual dining room is packed most nights of the week with locals and out-of-towners alike chowing down on the sourdough pies, kale salads and signature cocktails: try the Gin and Jam. Though I’m throwing down the gauntlet to say is no longer the best pizza joint in the city (more on that soon).
    You gotta try: The Beekeeper’s Lament pizza, with hot soppressata and honey drizzle. ($17)

SHWEW!! Thank you

Asbury Park is virgin territory for me. Have not been there since I was a kid, and there are so many restaurants and places to try that I have hesitated because I don’t know where to start!

@Roro1831, @CurlzNJ. @joonjoon (and anyone else with an opinion)

As our resident AP experts, can you recommend somewhere for a 20 person lunch party for a Sunday in June from around 1-3 pm. Not looking for a set menu if it can be avoided. Did something like this at Brando’s a couple of years ago (no choice but to use a set menu) and they did a very nice job. Looking for somewhere else this time around. Not married to AP, but in the general vicinity. TIA!

Piccola Italia in Ocean.

I would try Jimmy’s, they have a new banquet hall.

You might want to try At the Table too. They do catering and parties, and usually don’t open until 3pm on Saturdays. So you might be able to get them to set up a lunch for you if Saturday is ok.

Let’s tour!!

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I’d call Reyla… they have a smaller room in the back that might accommodate you, and they’re just lovely people. I’m really enjoying their food, too…

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Anything else you’re looking for other than being able to seat 20? Any preference for food/ambiance/price?