Best Cookbooks of 2017?

That’s what I thought! That’s why I never bothered with Andrea Nguyen’s bread formula, but from @smtucker’s comments, it sounds like bahn mi bread is its own thing! Who knew! I love HO!

@naf, What a fine list! Thank you for sharing it. I don’t have a single one of them either! My wishlist on Amazon is going to get long… I’m a little scared for my bank account now… haha :joy:

How successful have you been with this book? Making good pizza dough has eluded me. :disappointed:

I have his Vietnamese Home Cooking. I like it very much. I wonder how his new book compares. Anyone have both? Can you comment what you think?

Which cheeses do you like in there? Btw, I’m fond of the Miyoko brand cashew-based cheeses and their cultured butter, and it looks like there is a Miyoko cookbook.

I love Miyoko’s cheeses! :heart_eyes: I didn’t know Miyoko had a cookbook! I think I already bought 3 cookbooks because of this thread… haha :joy:

I actually haven’t had the time since I bought the book to actually make any of the cheeses :cry:, but the recipes look promising and the photos are gorgeous. The range of cheese recipes is broad. Some cheeses, like gouda, provolone, brie, camembert, gorgonzola, I never expected you could even make vegan! It’s a book that can really get you excited about making vegan cheese and I can’t wait to try!

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I will keep you inform once I pass into action. There are 12 methods of dough making including 3 types of refrigerated long doughs (24-48, 48-72 hour dough etc.)

Well, I think the Slanted Door is a book targeted at people that has ate in his restaurant. Some recipes are classical Vietnamese; some with a twist, like adding mayonnaise to the fresh spring roll, some non-Vietnamese like Peruvian ceviche or Hawaiian poke tartare. The desserts are mostly western or French: crème brûlée, lemon meringue tarts… There is also recipes on cocktail. If you looking for a book with lots of traditional recipes, there is not the book for you. His Vietnamese Home Cooking (I had a look at Amazon) or the Andrea Nguyen’s books would be more useful.

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Believe me there are several grades of baguettes in France. 1 taste very close to the Vietnamese one, crispy and airy, (I just tasted it 1.5 month ago in Vietnam) but will go stale in 2 hours.

I read that it could be a myth of adding rice flour in the Vietnamese Banh Mi.

Thanks for the cookbook comparison! I think I will have to check it out!

Look forward to hearing about your pizza dough! :blush:

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