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Gilman Brewing Co is open per Berkeleyside.


A Thai Gelato shop is going into the space where the hot sauce shop, Heat, used to be (on MLK, near Trader Joe’s). Not open yet, but I saw a guy working inside. I admit I had to google Thai Gelato – coconut milk, apparently.


Don’t know where to put this, but Nyum Bai, the Cambodian place who worked with La Cocina, whose pop up was written up by @augustiner here , just opened this week in the Emeryville Public Market.


I’m sad to learn that Bette Kroening, the founder of Bette’s Oceanview Diner, passed away last week.

I’ve been a regular at the Bakeshop for almost 30 years. She really was a pioneer–back then, Fourth Street was just a handful of businesses beginning to crowd out the industrial base.


Sad news. I’m always interested in fellow English majors and what they end up doing. I’ve also wondered is that Bette as in Davis or Midler?


Well, since she was in her 60’s, it probably wasn’t Midler.

ETA: and she pronounced it “Betty”, not “Bet”.

(Gary Soup) #67

In any case, it was a throwback.


Thai Gelato @ Secret Scoop Thai Gelato on MLK/ Berkeley Way. How does thai gelato taste like?


La Capilla opened about a week ago at 1106 University Ave about 75 feet east of San Pablo Ave. That spot was vacant for several years after Kabana, the terrific Pakistani/Punjabi restaurant moved a block away to a larger place.

I didn’t go in but the menu displays a novel mix of a juice bar and slightly upscale Mexican dishes: 23 ingredient moles, sides of sauteed kale, rostizado roasted chicken in adobo, chilaquales, 12-hour roasted carnitas on organic corn tacos and a Cubano sandwich.

I didn’t get the listing for hours open but it looks like it’s got a breakfast menu starting at 9 am.

From the outside, the redo on the space looks stylish but I will miss the cramped quarters of Kabana and the smoke wafting from the fiery iron skillets with crisping sliced onions and singed tandoori catfish, my favorite under $10 dish in Berkeley.

If you have the time, nearby shopping includes Middle East Market on San Pablo with a popular steam table with Persian specialties. Happy Nowruz, Persian New Year is this week. Also close by is La Marcha for reasonably-priced tapas starting at 4 pm.

The photo slideshow, below, was taken by me with a waterproof pocket camera, the Olympus Tough TG-4, mostly using automatic settings at about 25mm focal length, jpeg files, very little post processing. The slideshow is done in Proshow Web online software.


La Capilla
1106 University Ave


I noticed a sign on their door today saying that their soft opening is ending and beginning on Friday, March 24, 2017 they will be open from 7 am until 9 pm.


I’ve tried Secret Scoop and while the flavor was good, I would not call it “gelato.” The texture wasn’t very good and was much more like an icy sorbet than a real gelato. I think it is “thai gelato” because all of the flavors are thai (thai iced tea, coconut, lemongrass, etc.) The sticky rice is a nice addition though


We got some takeaway containers from Secret Scoop to eat at home. We tried both mango and Thai tea flavors. I really enjoyed the Thai Tea, but the mango was sort of mediocre. Curious if others have favorite flavors


Venus Cafe, a HK soy sauce western cafe is open downtown on Shattuck, next to the soon-to-arrive Ippudo. Apparently they have 3 shops- Newark, Hostetter in San Jose (which apparently is not related to Venus/ Tam Cafe in West San Jose)

What’s Ippudo up to now? Still boarded up a few weeks ago.


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Three Twins now has a brick and mortar shop on Fourth Street.


Ippudo is opening June 2nd!


Pompette is open in the old Cafe Rouge Spot. I haven’t been yet, but I’m anxious to sit at that bar again!


Mid-July now:


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