[Berkeley, CA] Barclay’s Restaurant and Pub

Barclay’s has opened in it’s new spot in the old Pathos space on Shattuck. I stopped in last night,having confused reports of the impending reopening of Intermezzo/Raleigh’s http://www.berkeleyside.com/tag/mezzo/
Part of my confusion came from the new place in the old Barclay’s, The Golden Squirrell, offering an “Intermezzo Salad”.
The salmon avocado quinoa salad was tasty but nothing special. Not a particularly bad or good deal compared to Sweetgreens. Two bars worth of beer selections, all seem to be priced at $6 for 10 oz, $7 for 16 oz whether you get a Guiness, Pliny, or one of their man rotating local taps.
Also, down the street, construction seems to have resumed and the sign above the former Giovanni’s now reads “Gio’s Pizza and Bocce”.