Berkeley: random news and notes

Intermezzo’s reincarnation- Mezzo, is open.

7/28, 2 weeks before Cal starts school.

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Chick’n Rice is open on Center Street serving Khao Mun Gai two ways, poached and fried:

Enoteca Mediterraneo looks like an interesting neighborhood tapa/ wine bar with reasonable prices on Solano Ave run by a Persian gentleman.

Ooh, and open for lunch, too. I’ll try to make it sometime this week.

The place looks more like a real snack bar for the locals than any of the glitzy ‘tapas bar’ that opened all around the Bay Area in the last few years. If I don’t live so far away I’d be there too.

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Rice and Bones is now open inside Wurster Hall at Cal. Got some fancy grass fed beef and organic chicken pho. From Charles Phan.

I’m so glad I saw this, because I had an eye appointment next door today. Just had a chicken bun (normally $4, but they charged $3). No line at 1:30. The bun was delicious – gingery with a generous amount of filling.

Sliver Pizzeria has closed in Berkeley, and is relocating to a TBD location.

I thought I saw this here, but it’s not in this thread so I’ll add
A branch of Bonchon Korean fried chicken opened at 2050 Berkeley way. They are not doing takeout yet and we’re quite bus when I stopped by.

Also this week, the Berkeley branch of the Bonchon Korean fried chicken chain opened.

I found a parking space out front yesterday with time on the meter and checked out the menu. I was hoping to just get a chicken leg to sample, but a “small” portion was five legs for $13 (I think). I can’t eat five drumsticks, and I have a mild case of flu, so I passed. It was pretty busy at 1:00 PM, and the non-chicken dishes on the tables looked great, most of them also in the $13 range. Nice room.

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From the Hawker Fare chef de cuisine.

Competition to Belotti?

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I have to say I can’t keep track of all the restaurants with animal names these days- Funky Elephant, Bird and Buffalo, Chicken Meets Rice, Rooster something. They all seem the same…

Maker’s Common already closing according to Nosh. I haven’t been there, but perhaps its a little too upscale for the neighborhood? When I lived a block away more than 10 years ago, the shops on University Avenue were all pretty modest I recall.

It isn’t that upscale. I was there two weeks ago and the food was great, but the restaurant was empty for a Thursday evening. They had a smoked butternut squash mash that I am still dreaming about. We also had a duck cassoulet and fried chicken. I had such a good meal that I’ve been recommending that place to my friends, and everyone has come back to me with positive feedback. I’m sad to see them go, and I’ll make sure to go one more time before they close.

I had Pinkbox recently in Las Vegas. Except for aesthetics and gimmicks like cereal toppings, they were pretty standard doughnuts.

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