Barbecue 2024

A new thread for 2024, now that barbecue season is upon us.

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@ElsieDee posted this as the last entry on the 2023 thread so it seems fitting for the first post of the new year.

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I’m glad to see this discussion and broadening of the conversation of barbecue-- I served Smoked Pork Dan Dan Noodles and Burnt End Ramen (homemade alkaline noodles) in my restaurant more than 10 years ago. And it’s nice to see how this process has evolved around the country-- even in places that have been very doctrinaire historically about barbecue.


Tell us about your latest bbq adventures!

I have actually been on a bbq hiatus but now that the weather has changed, I am itchy to sit by the pit and poke at a fire for a day. In the late summer hoping to take a drive from Memphis to Muscle Shoals and detour to Big Bob’s and Dreamland and a few other places I need to get back to. I cooked bbq professionally for 23 years. It was time for a break.


We were at big bob’s about two years ago, I love Chris Lilly’s book and have made their white sauce chicken forever but it didn’t quite live up to my admittedly inflated expectations.

Sounds like an amazing trip! I haven’t been to kc in a long, long time, would like to get back at some point.

Every place has an off day and I suppose some variation from location to location and I imagine I will be focusing mostly on the pie by the time I get to Big Bob’s… LOL

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