Barbecue 2022

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That must have been some injury!

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Legit!! Truthfully, I’ve had way more Chinese BBQ than 'merican BBQ, so not a connoisseur. Ordered the pulled pork sandwich/coleslaw, delicious.

Ran the two blocks home and plated (where there was more napkins), that sucker was loaded.

Beautiful day in SF for some BBQ.


I’m not sure my pernil will get much attention as barbecue, but this is the most recent reference. I found a small shoulder with skin and I’m trying it.

I like this story.

And these from NYT. I’ll see if I can gift them, but I would have to shorten the url before the edit window closes.


I’m a huge fan of Pernil in the Puerto Rican, Dominican, and especially Cuban fashion (more sour orange, more garlic). There are a few good places to get it here in DC. My favorite is Los Hermanos in Columbus Heights, which is where the Dominican baseball players eat when they play the Nats. There’s. sister restaurant, Mechos, in Fort Lincoln.
The only way better is to cook it low and slow over direct heat from wood coals or charcoal. That way the pork fats drips onto the coals and rises as a second layer of combined pork and smoke flavor.

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Not pull-apart, but great texture, moist, and very tasty, and the skin has the perfect crunch.



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Interesting list! A handful of states well represented…and one from Maryland! I’m fixin’ to map out the ones in N.C.

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Regardless of terminology, plain butcher paper (my choice), oiled butcher paper, and foil yield slightly different results.

This is a big move from pork and ribs to brisket. I think of them as three different foods, apples oranges, and pears, that aren’t really comparable. But the places Moss picks --a t least the 20-some ones at which I’ve eaten, if not the best, are all good places to eat.

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2fifty is truly excellent – the best brisket in the Washington area, although there are a number of good one now – better at pork and ribs. I’m going to check out a couple more in Charles County on Saturday.

I’d be happy to help you map out a trip to NC – just let me know how many days you want to spend and how many times a day you want to eat – anyhow much driving you want to do.

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So much of this is folklore and black magic. I’m sure someone out there claims the color of the paper (or the mill it comes from) makes a huge difference, too.

Thank you! It’s been awhile, but I used to live in D.C. ( I went to Howard University).

I don’t have immediate plans to travel to N.C., but my sister lives in Durham, so I get there on occasion, and they are fairly tolerant of my BBQ exploits, but usually within a half hour drive.

I get to Conyers GA more often, but usually at Thanksgiving, which doesn’t really make for good BBQ adventures. Last time we had bad “Chinese” food. :roll_eyes:.

Family. Sigh.

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For Georgia, check the Campaign for Real Barbecues Georgia page — google true cue ga

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bbq Karen


I wonder where she’s from

Good question! You would think that anyone in Raleigh NC would know what a Smoke Ring looked like. :roll_eyes:

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