[Bangkok] Thai-Taechiu dinner at Je Ngor

Je Ngor is perhaps Bangkok’s most popular restaurant chain, specialising in Thai-Chinese-Taechiu and seafood dishes. Started in 1999 by Mrs. Na-Chanok Sae-Ung aka Je Ngor, her namesake chain has become the eponymous Thai middle-class go-to spot for some dependable, back-to-basics dishes.

  1. Hae cho (deep-fried pork-prawn fritters) - a Chinese-Taechiu delicacy. Very popular here, although I much preferred the ones I find in Bangkok-Chinatown’s top Taechiu restaurants: Tan Jai Yoo, Sin Kwang Meng and Jim Jim, which tend to be more meaty and firm in texture.

  2. Braised goose-web with egg noodles in sizzling claypot - another Chinese-Taechiu favourite. Pretty average rendition here, unfortunately - I’d have preferred the goose-webs to be cooked longer, for a softer, fall-off-the-bone, sticky texture. Noodles were okay - not really garlicky or peppery enough for me. My fave renditions are from Ping’s in Asoke, or Scala in Siam Square.

  1. We had one of the house specialties - a spicy-sour rice noodle dish with prawns and mimosa leaves. The flavours were a bit too extreme for me, but much enjoyed by my friends/dining companions who are regulars here.

  2. This dish was ordered “accidentally” - I wanted braised fishmaw in oyster sauce, a Taechiu classic, but my friend who did the ordering got us the fish stomach stew/soup instead. So we had essentially large lobes of tender fish stomach with shitake mushrooms in an unctuous savoury “soup”.

  3. Dessert was one of the most popular Chinese-Taechiu options: sugar-coated batons of taro - truly one of my favourite sweets from childhood, and done perfectly here.

Je Ngor has grown to a chain of 11 outlets throughout Metropolitan Bangkok today. This one was the Sathon branch, but cooking standards are fairly consistent throughout all the branches in the city.

Je Ngor
25 อาคาร กรุงเทพประกันภัย
South Sathorn Rd, Thung Maha Mek
Sathon, Bangkok 10120, Thailand

Operating hours - call to enquire as each branch may have different times:

Phone: +66 2 677 3927


I like the middle-class in Thailand. Look at all those Beemers and Mercedes parked out front!

Is there different style of Taechiu cooking? It seems Je Ngor’s dishes are very saucy/ wet versus say, the food at Sin Kwang Meng from your old report.

Very nice plate presentations, tho…

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I had dinner at the Sukhumvit outlet a few years ago, excellent meal. They were kind enought to accomdate my party eventhough we arrived 5 mins before closing.

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@sck - it was the type of dishes we ordered at Je Ngor: leaning more towards claypot cooking like those offered by Taechiu-Chinese spots like Ping Sharksfin at Asoke, or Scala Sharksfin and Penang Sharksfin at Siam Square. At these places, the claypots would have coriander root, lots of garlic pips, and lard at the base, topped with seafood like crab or fish maw or sharksfin.