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Are they wet on the bottom when done, or does a crust settle?

Wondering if I could bake them in paper cups or silicone liners…

Love the idea of making ahead, I do that with quiche. I think these should be a bit sturdier, which is a positive for Thanksgiving travel.

The magic of the bisquick is that it forms a crust. So they are entirely encased in crust. No paper liners are needed. I just spray the tins liberally, and let them cool for a few minutes before taking them out to cool completely.

And once cool, they are very sturdy!

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A large batch of Oreos from Bravetart. Very good. Have done other recipes and found the cookies would not be crisp after a day or so. These are still very crisp 4 days after baking. I did use part black cocoa to get the dark color.


Wow. How kiddo friendly is the recipe? I’m trying to get more of our young chefs in the kitchen.

The cookie dough is very easy to work with, bit messy as it is dusted w cocoa for rolling. The filling does require the butter to be cooked for a while.

Raspberry tart made a while ago, using the recipe of Cyril Lignac, he sells the same version in his shop till end of during summer till early autumn. Almond tart case, garnished with an almond cream, a light raspberry mascarpone cream and fresh raspberries, filled with a raspberry compote. Took several hours, but worth it.

Smaller sizes with the leftover ingredients

I’ve tried with basil from Marseilles and mint as finishing herbs. I find the small leaves of basil gave a much desired strong flavour that matched well with the raspberries and was more interesting than with the mint


Made a Parisian flan tonight, based on a Jacques Genin recipe interpreted by Julie Andrieu

A success! Quite creamy contrasted with most custard that can be hard and a bit jelly like. More smooth and slightly more cooked custard will be perfect, said Mr N. I think another vanilla pod will be even better. (At present, 1 pod is used)

I like a lot the tart case, crispy yet buttery. And well, this flan is a real energy booster, with 9 yolks in the custard and I felt recharged after eating a thin slice. Recommended!!

The original version of Jacques Genin looks like this!

Photo by Mercotte, recipe here


Looks gorgeous and delicious!


Thanks! I should bake more often, next project will be puffy pastry, need to solve the mystery to make croissants. :yum:


Sounds fantastically good!


These are beautiful! And I love raspberries… Yummy.

I make only two kinds of cookies for the holidays: persimmon for dh and gingerbread men for son and his family. Today, the persimmon, with blond raisins and walnuts, lots of spice.


Never taste dessert using this fruit, must be special.

Homemade banana bread. Delicious.


Rum balls! Always the big hit at parties, and very easy to make.


We made cookies for Santa. This recipe, but I browned the butter, subbed 2/3 dark chocolate bits for the semi-sweet, and added toasted pecans, plus sprinkled fleur de sel on top. They’re streaky because impatient me added hot nuts to cool dough, melting some of the chocolate. We aged the dough 3 days.


Potica for breakfast.


Yum. Is that a yeasted nut strudel?

Here is my Leche flan and recipe @Ct.ebner84 . rediscussion recently

  • 12 egg yolks
  • 1 can condensed milk (14 oz)
  • 1 can evaporated milk ( 14 o)
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract
    Pinch of Salt

SECOND STEP MAKE THE Caramel sauce ( I PLAY SAFE AND USE DOUBLE AMOUNT OF SUGAR) for the recipe I am enclosing

1 cup sugar
1/3 cup water

  1. Place sugar and water inside a heavy small sauce pan
    2 .Moderate heat, bring to simmer until sugar is dissolved.
    3 remove from heat temporarily, swirl to be sure sugar is dissolved then back to stove
    4 cover tightly ( water that evaporated prevents crystallization of sugar on the side of the sauce pan) peep now and then for a minute or 2 till there are small bubbles which will turn to big bubbles.
    5 Uncover the pan when big bubbles appear and continue boiling, swirling the pan slowly by its handle. In a number of seconds or minutes, the syrup will begin to color. Continue boiling and swirling a few seconds more, until it’s a light caramel brown, then remove from heat but continue swirling – it will darken more. If need to submerge the in the ice water bath to stop further cooking if needed… DO NOT USE ANY SPOON OR OTHER ITEM TO STIR . This technique is taken FROM Julia Child’s recipe for making caramel sauce .It is fool proof if one follows it.

IMMEDIATLY Add the caramel sauce to the mold where the Leche Flan is to be used before it becomes hard…

Tilt the pan immediately before the caramel hardens to coat the bottom and part of side The caramel will become hard. DO NOT WORRY . IT WILL SOFTEN DURING THE BAKING PROCESS
Pour the egg milk mixture into the caramel sauce. Cover with foil and in my case, a SS cover.
Place this on another bigger pan with water( water bath)
Bake at 375 or until a knife goes out clean
Mine Was done in 45 minutes but I let it sit inside the oven for an extra ten minutes just to play safe as I want to be sure it is firm all over not wanting to jiggle it. DO NOT LET THE WATER IN THE WATER BATH RUN OUT. REMEDY FOR THIS IS TO ADD ICE CUBES INSTEAD OF WATER if your water bath is small with little clearance , this technique allows you one to add water into your water bath pan .
Remove the pan from the water bath and let cool. Then, refrigerate at least 3 hours, or I do mine overnight so the custard and caramel can set up completely.
Remove the flan from the refrigerator, run a sharp knife around the edges of the flan.
Use the water bath pan, fill it with hot water, place. your flan back into the hot water bath for a minute or 2
ummold to serving dish . Leave the pan for a few minutes to loosen all the caramel; You will see some hardened caramel left over on the pan. If desired, place it back unto a warm stove top, let this soften and add cream to it for spooning into the sweet caramel for those with sweet tooth. ! Leaving it one the stove also makes cleaning easier if. you do not need extra sauce. AMalfu%20GQpu4g4zDdBvpGg|525x700


One pictures did not appear as usual
There is no bubble if you stir the egg and milk in one direction only
add egg, condensed milk , and evaporated milk in that order, stir with each addition clockwise in one direction only, do not beat as it will incorporate bubbles into your mixture .

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