Bake your bread, make your desserts 2020

Another fruit dessert. Pear sauce. Easy as all get out and great alone or with just about everything.

4 pears made this batch. Blender does the work.


Pear sauce?! Looks yummy! It is just blended and raw, or blended and cooked? Inquiring minds want to know! :grin: :yum:

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Super easy…wash, dice, poach 5 mins In a small amt of water, blender. Bottle, chill, enjoy.

Peanut butter cookies; small batch. Made the dough yesterday and baked today while a subtle breeze came thru the window on this nearly 90 degree day.


I added a touch of cinnamon, hemp seeds, rolled oats and wheatgerm to the dough. Then we sandwiched them with choc pb ice cream.

It was the Day of the Foccacia. Half sea salt, half Everything Bagel seasoning. We couldn’t choose a favorite side. Foccacia was a riff on Marcella Hazan’s Classic recipe.


That’s bread-beautiful!

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Two icebox desserts on deck today and Sat for a small party, perfect for hot weather and sharing, are these:


:drooling_face::drooling_face::drooling_face::drooling_face:I’m kind of focaccia obsessed.

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Oooh, please report back on how you liked the Nutella cheesecake. I have some jarred hazelnut spread that’s begging to be turned Into a rich dessert.

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Made this recipe today: No pictures because they’re not as pretty as the cake I made last week. I did make them about half the recommended size, because I don’t really like big pastries, and I think they ended up too flat. They taste nice, and having more WW flour than regular flour gives them an nuttiness not normally found in scones.

Meanwhile, this week my wife made English muffins and banana-chocolate chip bread from the sourdough discard.



Am assuming regular popovers, and not GF, correct? In any case delicious looking, and popovers have been under made/appreciated for quite awhile now. Very special treat!

Correct not GF and I have never tried it using gf or 1:1 flour.

They are nice with grated parm, cracked black pepper and rosemary tho.


Ok the cheesecake was favored by the Nutella lovers because that is the only flavor that comes across; creamy rich Nutella. But on sheer quick fix, everyone wanted the recipe link.

The lime cracker pie, which none of us were familiar with, was the runaway hit. Refreshing and unexpected (and seems everyone has Ritz crackers to use up) was gone in a flash. Def will become a regular request.


I’ve got both of them saved, but will def go for the lime one. I bet the Nutella one could benefit from crushed up Ferrer Rocher candies. Didn’t look at that recipe, because not a fan of Nutella. Glad they worked out for you and hope you had a wonderful time!

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Wow! Very nice

Same here, except maybe a swipe on a few salted pretzel sticks.

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Used to buy it for the kids for awhile. Strange because I love hazelnuts and the Ferrer Rocher candies. Maybe Nutella was actually good at one point, but has been reformulated too much. That’s what I blame everything on these days though…@ChristinaM


I love the combo of dark chocolate and hazelnuts, but blending them together seems to mute the flavors of both ingredients for me. Give me a bar of good dark chocolate studded with hazelnut pieces and I’ll be happy.

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