Asparagus Season Approaches

I’ve got the exact same asparagus too and also agree that a creamless approach works so well to highlight the fresh flavor. I haven’t tried potato but use the bread + EVOO method in my Vitamix.

Good tips - save the cream for ice cream!

I usually keep asparagus simple - steamed or oven roasted and eaten from my fingers. But I usually make this tart from Bon Appetit 2 or 3 times a season and last year I added the asparagus tart from Dinner in French although that is very rich and best served in small portions.


I got some in my CSA box today! I like them roasted with with olive oil and a sprinkle of salt too. . I might try some additional seasoning with this batch.


For something a little different but quite good: What's For Dinner #80 - the Silly Bunny with Eggs Edition - April 2022 - #167 by chiel


I only eat local asparagus in season and my CSA will start slamming me with it in May. Can’t wait! Like @CaitlinM I usually just roast it but I think I’ll try that dish from Polpo. I also like the asparagus and rice soup in the Zuni Cafe cookbook. Once in the season I like to do asparagus with polenta and a fried or poached egg.


I like the Delta asparagus from California that’s available right before Michigan and Ontario asparagus becomes available.
It’s available at Remark Market in Windsor and London right now, and I think, even though it’s imported, it tastes as good as most Ontario asparagus.

Quebec asparagus is good, too. I sometimes find Quebec asparagus at the 2 produce markets on Bloor near Palmerston.

I like steamed asparagus with peanut butter.




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Crunchy or smoothy?
Skippy or Jif?

I know it sounds weird, but there are many Asian-inspired dishes that use “peanut sauce” with asparagus.


Always smooth, as I blend my own peanut butter with fresh roasted peanuts, lightly salted.

Having made my own PB, I just cannot go back to store bought, even those advertised as “peanuts only”.

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Understood! That’s what got me thinking!

No molasses in your PB?


Just straight roasted peanuts.

There are days where I just sit there with one of those wooden ice cream spoons and just go at it with my jar of freshly blended peanut butter. Heck, who am I kidding. That happens every day.

This sounds really good! I’ll have to try it.

Last week, we had a chicken-over-rice dish that Wahine topped with shelled and chopped roasted peanuts. All we had for leftovers was naked rice and the peanuts. I drizzled a little buerre au sel over the nuked rice and topped with the rest of the nuts. I thought it was outstandingly good.


I think those 2 dishes would be great. I’m looking forward to trying them.
Will report back once I do.

Hi what’s your equipment and process with the nuts to make peanut butter, just a regular blender? Do u roast the peanuts yourself or buy anything in particular? Skin on? Any photos?

Just food processor and air fryer if I am “roasting” my own peanuts. Usually I just buy dry roasted peanuts from Costco.

Sea salt, dry roasted peanuts and food processor. That’s it.

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