Are there any ingredients that completely ruin a dish for you?

We could NEVER be a twosome. I even grow it, and have pots of frozen pesto in my fridge. Mushrooms would also be problematic.

I grow pots of lavender too, but have never eaten it.

I must confess, my sister made a mincemeat pie that supposedly had raisins, but between the spices and all the other fruit, you couldn’t tell.

I ate raisins on Christmas and lived! :rofl:


i can’t handle even banana bread. although a woman at work brought in some chocolate banana bread and there was enough chocolate that the i couldn’t taste the banana.

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while it’s not something i’d seek out, i’ve had lavender shortbread and it was lovely.

eta: just remembered a lavender and chocolate scone i had awhile back that was also tasty.

New Yorker cartoon a few weeks ago: Man enters bedroom wherein his wife is in bed with a giant green leaf, encaptioned, “Cilantro ruins everything!”


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Hands down raw onion - People who lhrow it into everything like so many cooking show hosts do. You have no idea how off putting the taste and in particular the smell is to those who really can’t stand it.

Yeah to a cilantro thread! I like that stuff!


I’m in the same boat. I don’t know how how people take down large amounts of raw onion. I like some onion flavor, particularly cooked/caramelized, but I can’t do a quarter inch raw onion slice on a burger or giant chunks in a salad. Different strokes for different folks :slight_smile:


I love French onion soup, I love fried onion rings. I like caramlized onions as long as they’re caramized enough. But it’s nothing I seek out on a burger or anything. Yep, to each their own😊


Anything with jello . Put that orange slice next to my eggs oh brother.


Same here!

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love onion rings, caramelized onions , onion soup ( I caramel onions also) but cannot tolerate raw onions , not even one bit. If I slice onions, I have to take extra measure to wash my knife until there is no smell at all.

Oddly enough, I am happily married to a man who loves raw onions in any way shape or form,. In spite of this we have managed to peacefully co-exist for almost forty years… He loves puttering out in his garden and I don’t mind him harvesting scallions and then small onions.

But to be honest with you tensions do tend to arise when he cuts up a large onion… I just don’t like that smell😊


My son also loves raw onions, and has shared with me, his concern that it may be a problem.

If I go raw, I try to use shallots.


I can eat large onion when it is sliced very thin, and very little quantity, for example in a salad. Otherwise, I prefer smaller raw scallions, spring onion (even the white part), shallot. As for red onion, my tolerance is very slightly better than the big white or yellow onion. A few days ago, MIL made a salad full of onions, I just picked out most the onions and discreetly discarded them. My month and throat started to sore and feel scratchy and discomfort.

I don’t usually eat leek raw, but there is a Peking duck recipe that I made occasionally, with the rich sauce, slice of duck, the raw leek is delicious and isn’t offensive at all.

No problem with all of them cooked.


I like raw onion, but it seems now whenever I eat any, in a salad - even the smallest thin slices, they taste so strong that I can’t tolerate them anymore. And I taste the smallest piece for hours after. I used to love a thin slice of sweet, raw onion on my burger.

When I polished off a pint of TJs pistachio gelato, which was very tasty and thankfully not over loaded with nut bits, I realized nuts (which I like alot) just bother me in ice cream, sorbet and gelato. I usually remove them as I go.

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I use to be like that. Hated raw onions but cooked, no problem

Now i have started to enjoy them raw. Today’s onions tend to be sweeter than before or it could be my taste has changed