Appliances on your Countertop...

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Just to be clear (because of the text of your link), Frigidaire and Whirlpool have nothing to do with each other.

I built my current home 21 years ago. Since then all Frigidaire appliances have been fine. Whirlpool/Maytag have needed service three times (once under warranty, and two more times afterwards).


Basically just 4 here: Coffee maker, Vita Mix, CSO, and Kitchen Aid Mixer. All frequently used, either daily or several times a week. KA isn’t used as much, but too heavy to move around all the time. Stowed away, are the food processors in 3 sizes, waffle maker, egg poacher, Instant Pot, Crock Pots (3) electric skillet & etc. All get used, at least occasionally, and are easily storable. Rice cooker too, powerful hand mixer, and stick blender.

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Microwave, toaster oven and Ninja blender. All are used almost daily and are efficient. Everything else in under the counter or in the pantry.

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Breville Burr Coffee Grinder - Daily, 10
Zojirushi 5 cup Coffee Maker - Daily, 10
Cuisinart Toaster - Infrequently, 2
Kitchenaid Stand Mixer, Occasionally, 8
Cuisinart 11 cup Food Processor, Occasionally, 1 for the plastic parts and 7 for the rest
Cheapest and smallest GE Microwave - Daily to heat the milk for my coffee, 7 (don’t no how to rate a mw. This heats things up and is easy to use but I have only had it a month)

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I too have too many kitchen electrics and omitted the ones not on the counter in my post, but I’m glad you shared yours.

I use my electric fondue set and value it for ease of use compared to the traditional style.

I’ve always wanted but have yet to pick up an electric deli slicer, a salton sandwich maker, an electric ice cream maker with built in compressor, and panini press. For now I’ll hold off but I’ll someday probably try one or two of these. Thank you for sharing.


Which Hobart slicer, which cube steak machine? For what purpose/meal do you use them most? Oh man the boss is not going to like seeing these arrive to the house.

Correct. Frigidaire is an Electrolux Group company for some 35 years now. OTOH, speaking to your disliked manufacturers, I have a 13 yo Samsung fridge that has never given me trouble[1], and a 27 yo S/S Kenmore in the basement (which I believe was made by Whirlpool) that’s still chugging along great, never serviced. And the 7 or 8 yo Samsung LED tv has never had a problem. So I guess it’s a “YMMV” situation.

My two least-liked large appliances were both Bosch and bought at the same time - dishwasher (still in use but pretty much have to pre-wash everything or it won’t clean well - it replaced a very loud Whirlpool washer that had the same problems), and our first front-load, low-water clothes washer. The laundry went kaput in just about 5 years and I could have fixed it myself (free labor yea!) but the parts were about 60% of the original cost. Its replacement is a Maytag (Whirlpool) that just hit the 6 year mark, and I’m crossing my fingers it keeps going[1].

[1] Now that I’ve written this, I expect a bunch of appliance failures in the next week or so; just karma biting me on the keister.


4-cup drip coffeemaker, Continental brand stainless steel carafe - daily (10)
(And technically, it’s a 2-cupper - no way I could get 4 cups out of a single full water fill)

Mr. Coffee coffee grinder - 1x a week (8-9)

Breville Smart Oven Convection Toaster Oven - 4-5x a week (8 - toasting 2 halves of an English muffin always needs another 30 seconds, even after dialing to 7 for the toastiest toast - otherwise it works brilliantly)

Microwave (mounted above stove) (forget the brand) - 4-5x a week (9)

Everything else is stored in my cabinets:

KitchenAid mixer - <1/Qtr; 9
Vintage Rival 5 qt crockpot (use for chicken stock) - <1/month; 8
individual waffle/panini maker - <1/month; 7
2 mini food processors (KitchenAid and Hamilton Beach) - <1/month; 8
Cuisinart Smart Stick Blender - <1/Qtr; 7

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I’ll have to crawl back into the cabinets for model numbers, but they’re old and large…

On the counter top I only allow space for 4 appliances.

Vibiemme espresso - 3-4 times a day (rating 9/10)
Macap coffee grinder - 3-4 times a day (8/10)
Proficook kettle with ability to choose temps - twice a day (8/10)
Kitchenaid Artisan (once a month, rating 9/10)

On a shelf, easy to reach: Daewon 30 year old rice cooker bought for 10 euro! :slight_smile: And then also a Braun hand blender.

In a cupboard: Magimix mini plus kitchen machine. If I could I’d put the Kitchenaid away too, but it’s just too heavy and big.


I didn’t acquire a stand mixer until I lived somewhere with space for it on the countertop for the same reason (although all of the without counter space for one also lacked room to store one).

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Whoa Damian! At 4 espressos a day I could probably walk on water!


Common assumption seems to be that a shot of espresso has more caffeine than an average drip cup of coffee. I mean isn’t that why you only ever find hardcore coffee aficionados ordering straight up shots of espresso… and Europeans.

However, when you get down to numbers the amount of caffeine is greater in a drip cup of coffee.”



Okay, “At 4 coffees a day I could probably walk on water!”.

I tend to think of “an average cup of drip coffee” as more like 6 ounces than the 12 ounces as recited by KickingHorse, but even so that 6 oz cup has more caffeine according to their mg/oz numbers.

Thanks - I’ll put this one in the TIL category.

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I’ve just had an espresso - with a shot of Baileys - at 8.15PM, after dinner. Watching sports now and will probably go to bed around 11PM. I’ll most likely have no issues falling asleep immediately… :upside_down_face:

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Sorry, no need to crawl into cabinets! When do you put them to use? I’m already on the lookout for them in the local used marketplace, but I’d like to know why. :smile:

What a downright useful thread this has turned out to be. With particular thanks to Lambchop for mentioning an “egg poacher”. I had no idea such things existed - and poaching eggs is one of my several culinary stumbling blocks. I have tried all the usual methods and they simply fail for me, to the extent that poached eggs are now a matter strictly for whne I might have breakfast out. So, having discovered that they exist, Mr Amazon is delivering one tomorrow afternoon.


Hope you enjoy your purchase - let us know how you like it.

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On the counter (in our TINY Galley Kitchen–& hard to believe but the prev apt’s galley kitchen was even smaller)

Induction Hob 7/7

Oster Toaster oven 7/8

Microwave (forget brand) 7/9

not used

Behmor’s Brazen 3.0 coffee maker-- used to have pride of place but the induction burner took over.

Portable Ice Maker-- poorly designed! Should have a Removable water tank for ease of cleaning.

Ninja for smoothies-- think my DW has used just once in last 7 years.

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