Appliances on your Countertop...

How often do you use them (per week), and how do they perform (1 to 10).

For me…
Panasonic Flash Express Toaster Oven 6, 10
VitaMix Blender 4, 10
Kitchenaid Stand Mixer 3, 10
Kitchenaid Food Chopper 3, 7
Crock Pot 0.5, 10
B&D Vacuum Sealer 0.3, 8
Tramontina Induction Hob (when power is out, or when I make sauces), 10

Under cabinets are…
Krups Tea Maker (almost never used), 10
Moulinex Pasta Machine (almost never used), 7

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Most of my appliances are in cupboards, except 4:

  • Kitchenaid stand mixer - 1-2, 8
  • Rivera & bar blender - 0, 6 (1 every 2-3 months)
  • Magimix robot mixer - 1, 7
  • Aarke carbonator - 7, 10

Husband does not like to suffer things on countertops. We have lot of countertops. Right now a Breville air fryer oven that took the place of a vacuum sealed bread box, a “real” toaster, and a fancy Italian coffee maker he bought me. He does not drink coffee.


Breville toaster, used almost daily, 7/10
Commercial Panosonic microwave, probably daily, 7/10
Cuisinart CSO, almost never 1/1

All else, in cupboards, used as needed,

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On the counter:

Espresso maker 1, 9
Drip coffeemaker 6, 6
Burr coffee mill 7, 10
Microwave, 4, 10
Toaster 5, 10

Under the counter as needed:

Cuisinart FP <1, PITA
Bamix <1, 10
Stand mixer !, 10
Vita-Mix <1, 10
Bar blender <1, 10
Deep fryer <1, 9
Mini-Prep <1, 10
Spice grinder <1, 10
Sous vide <1, PITA
Vacuum sealer <1, 10
Induction hotplates <1, 5
Cubesteak machine <1, 10
Hobart slicer<1, 10
Juicer <1, 10
Electric kettle 1, 10
Roaster oven <1, 8
Crockpot <1. 8


I had to look up CSO. I’d use that every day. :slight_smile:

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An electric kettle, a toaster and a microwave. The microwave is 30 years old and dying. We need to replace it, but don’t have room for anything larger than it is - so I keep researching. If anyone can help me the dimensions are 20" wide, 12" deep and 11"high. We only use it to reheat leftovers, but that happens often.

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Great topic!

Kitchenaid artisan stand mixer: 2, 9
Vitamix 750 blender: 5, 10
Zojirushi hot water boiler: 7, 10
Moccamaster drip coffee maker: 5, 9
Zojirushi 3 cup induction rice cooker: 3, 9
Sunbeam radiant control toaster 20-3AG: 3, 6

There are a lot of other kitchen electrics that don’t live on the counter and so aren’t included. Also omitting the espresso machine since it occupies its own station in the kitchen and isn’t really on the main cooking counter area.


Breville convection toaster oven 7+, 9
Basic electric kettle 14+, 10
Breville food processor 2, 10
Breville stand mixer >1, 8

Not on counter:
Hand-held mixer (used occasionally)
Immersion blender (ditto)
Ice cream maker (ditto)
Spice grinder (ditto)
Slow cooker (rarely)
Portable induction burner (rarely)

Samsung microwawe oven, used daily for warming leftovers. 8/10, pretty even result, but could ve more powerful.

Philips grind and brew coffee maker with grinder. Used daily, nice product, but can’t see or get inside the water tank well, so reduced points for cleanup. 9/10

Old philips stand mixer, used quite rarely, originally bought for smoothies and drinks. 6/10 lacks power for the heavy stuff, but plusses for real glass container.

Out of sight:
Hand mixers (do get used).
A drying machine, used sometimes in past for jerky, never for vegs or fruits. Could get this out again and use it for some veg/fruit actually… Jerky I’d probably do in the convection oven now.

That’s about it I guess


In the kitchen (and on the worktop) - kettle (used several times a day), toaster (most days)

In the utility room (and on the worktop) - microwave (used a couple of times a week - defrosting mainly)

In cupboards/drawers - stand mixer (couple ot times a week), food processor (weekly), blender (infrequent), whisk (infrequent)

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I forgot to add all of our 3 countertop appliances are used daily - the kettle and microwave multiple times .

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Great thread, I’m very happy with all of my appliances.

On the Counter:
Panasonic microwave several times a day for reheating and cooking rice Rated: 9/10
Oster Glass kettle several times a day for tea or to speed up cooking. Rated: 10/10
Cuisinart 4 slice toaster throughout the day Rated: 9/10
T-fal OptiGrill daily Rated: 10/10
Ninja Blender for smoothies and blending Daily Rated: 9 /10
Breville juicer daily Rated: 10/10
Cuisinart Convection Brick Oven daily Rated: 10/10
Bialetti Moka Pot multiple times daily Rated: 10/10

Under the Counter:
KA Stand mixer 3 times a week Rated 10/10
KA Immersion blender weekly Rated: 10/10
KA Food Processor once every couple of months Rated: 9/10
Cuisinart Waffle iron twice a week Rated: 10/10
IP never used because it is new to me.
Not sure how much I’ll use it but have heard great things about it.

My kitchen is tiny so there aren’t many appliances:
Thermomix TM6 - 7+, 10
Cuisinart convection toaster oven, 14+, 10
Tatung rice cooker, 5+, 10
Cuisinart hand blender, 2, 5


On counters
Air fryer, 2, 8
Cheapo drip coffee, 9, 7 (my son is the only coffee drinker but I make it daily with his breakfast, he also makes it 1-2 a week of an evening)
Coffee grinder, 9, 10
Electric kettle, 7-14, 9 (depends which girls are home from college)
Black & Decker 4-slot toaster 7-20, 5 (usage comment same as above; 5=uneven, slow)

Blender (glass jar), <1, 6 (it’s 30 years old)
Bullet Blender, <1-14, 8 (when girls home lots of smoothies; I only use it to make epis for Haitian food and a batch of epis lasts me at least a month)
KA stand mix, 1-2, 10 (mostly for bagel/bread/pizza dough, sometimes gyro meat, cakes. In colder weather fudge/marshmallow/candies)
Cuisinart food processor, 0.25, 8 (works great but I HATE cleanup)
Panini press, 0.25, 10
Deep fryer, 0.125, 8
Crock pot, <<<<<1 (twice a year?), 7 (initial warm up is very slow)
Salton Sandwich maker, (maybe twice a year), 10 (put fillings in regular bread and heat/press, it seals edges and cuts standard sandwich into two triangles - great fun food when kids were little)
Stick blender, 0.5, 10
Spice/coffee grinder, 0.25, 10
Electric Wok, 0.000000 (why haven’t I thrown this away??), 5
Electric Skillet (same as electric wok - should throw it out or see if Goodwill wants it), 9
Electric Fondue pot - never, should toss, 7
Meat slicer, 0.25, 8 (mainly use it when a batch of charcuterie is done drying/aging, sometimes for roast beef)
Electric ice cream maker, twice a year, 9

I’m sure there’s more I’ve forgotten… that I should get rid of.

Edit - forgot the large rectangular electric griddle. If camping it gets daily use, otherwise 0.25, 8 (slight hotspots problem)

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Zojirushi rice cooker - rice is in it ~75% of the time.
A piece of crap Smeg toaster that sits there mocking me. :skull_and_crossbones:

Other appliances are stored until needed.


Brevelle toaster oven 6/9
Krups burr coffee grinder 2.5/7
Panasonic microwave (on top of fridge) 4/8

I’m averse to collecting small appliances, although I do have a few more that are tucked away - stand mixer with blender attachment, slow cooker, Cuisinart mini chopper, hand mixer, emulsion blender.

I have a few questions that I was hoping that you would be able to answerfor me.
How long does your Commercial microwave last before it conks out?
Is there anything that you can’t make/bake in your CSO?

Our Panosonic Commercial Microwave is relatively new, maybe a year old. It is not a personal model but meant for office break rooms or gas station fast food counters. It has no heat adjustments, a dial rather than buttons and heats/cooks food in an instant. Our old one was roughly 40 years old and pretty weak but still working at its capacity. It is not “smart”, YOU have to choose time rather than select “frozen pizza” or “hot dog”. I love it. I expect this one to last a very long time.

I have never spent time breaking in the CSO. I don’t like that the top heating element tends to over-brown baked goods. I’ve used it for baking beets and other in-foil food with good results. I blame myself for its inadequacies in that I haven’t experimented much with it. Others who have them swear by them.

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They are one of my favorite brands, along with Frigidaire/Electrolux. If they offer an appliance/TV/etc., they are my first consideration.

Samsung, Maytag, Whirlpool are among the worst based on my experience.