Appliance Hell

I redid my kitchen in 2005. Of course, new appliances. They all kept on working. In 2019, having come through open-heart surgery, I decided to treat myself to new appliances. New refrigerator? Lasted 3 years. Replaced in 2022. Microwave oven/range hood? Replaced this Tuesday. Tonight, I go to use my GE Profile induction range for the first time since Tuesday AND I’m greeted by a sound that can only be described as marbles in a fan. Obviously, the cooktop’s fan has catastrophically failed. I wonder if the installers of the over the range microwave/hood did something; I will call on Monday to get someone from the appliance store’s service department to come out. (Yes, I have a countertop Iwatani induction burner I can use). Only the dishwasher remains … and it’s questionable. So, I’ll have to decide if a repair will be worth it on the slide-in range, or should I ditch it. Consumer Reports is useless. I’m going to pour myself a large adult beverage now … advice welcome. (I recorded the sound coming out of the range; I don’t think there’s a way I can post it. )


How old is your washer and dryer??

I’m convinced that these appliances communicate with one another and conspire against us.


They are Bosch, from 2010. Front Loaders. I’ve repaired the collar on the washer with SuGru a couple of times. Bosch doesn’t even make vented dryers anymore. Next pair will have to be something else.

And yes, there is a conspiracy. I feel it in my bones … and my checkbook.


I feel your pain. I have been dealing with a GE range I have had for less than a year. I am sure I have complained about it in several different posts over the last few months. In my case the issue is the oven. Your post makes me laugh because you mention you have a countertop burner you can use. I am happy to have a countertop oven I have been able to use while my “new” oven is in a seemingly never ending process of getting fixed. It seems we have gotten to the point that we need to have backup appliances. I agree, CR has become useless. I wish I had some useful advice but all I can do is join you in a large adult beverage. Cheers!



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Cheers back atcha. I have a Breville countertop oven that I use constantly I replaced a 13 yr old Breville model because I wanted bigger capacity and they had a great deal in Amazon. The old one still worked. Rehomed it. Don’t even ask about my dorm fridge or my wee auxiliary freezer. I’m heading to the Sherry right now for a fill-up.


You’re on borrowed time… As far as brands of washers, I’ve heard that Amana and Speed Queen (top loaders) share the same parts and architecture, so I might look into them.

My whirlpool dishwasher is about 10-12 years old, it screams like a cat stuck in a fence, but still washers the dishes just fine. I’ve got a replacement motor/pump in the back of the pantry, so when it does finally decide to quit working, I’m ready.


We replaced the 16 year old hot water heater and the 18 year old hvac 2 years ago. Major kitchen reno last year with everything new except the countertop microwave. I keep telling the 13 year old washer and dryer who share the utility room with the hot water heater and hvac to not get any ideas

That being said I cloth diapered 2 kids for a total of 6 years diaper laundry so I understand completely if they were to say peace out

Having a nice beverage in solidarity. Least I can do


Well, 13 years is OK. I have a problem with size - I can’t fit most side to sides into my laundry closet, and I can’t do stackables.

And yes, I’d like to agree with the some of the other posters about Consumer Reports. I’m done with them, as well.


They’ve been frustratingly useless for quite some time.


I did my hot water heater this year! HVAC in I think 2011; we have water-exchange HVACs in our building - like geothermal, but they are costly and rare to replace.

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My hot water heater quit working about 3 years ago, I switched to a tankless system.

I can’t do that in my building; friends did that at their house are less than thrilled; I think they had to install a propane source.

You could use a electric source (instead of gas).

We have tankless at our house. Would never go back to anything else.

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I have an electric unit. No complaints… I did have to explain to Sunshine that it reads in Celsius vs. Fahrenheit.

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My husband and I bought this Electrolux Washer and the dryer that goes with it about a month ago.

We’re very happy with them. The laundry comes out very clean.

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Maytag top loader washer and dryer (5-10 yrs old?) never any problems. Got rid of a front loader washer that turned all the wet clothes into a tightly twisted mass.
Miele dishwasher replaced a ge one that for the 3 yrs we had it never cleaned dishes. I can put dirty crusted items in the Miele and they come out clean. It is the least expensive Miele DW.

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