Anywhere noteworthy in Sactown?

I so hope it’s still there. I think we’ve been since 2020.

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Yes, hoping so too - hard times for the restos the past 2+ years.

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It’s still there.

At least it was a month ago when we were down the street at Maydoon.


A long impassioned outing, for sure, but the way to rectify is a list of great restaurants for us to drop in at.

I just drove through Sacramento. I didn’t stop. i coulda used a couple of tacos. It was after 10p on a Sunday. Where would you have sent me?


looks solid, on the list!

say i am going through at a more normal hour, what’s close to 80 and quick?

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Cocina Dona Chuyita (on Jefferson Blvd, just west of the 80 off of Park Blvd)

And for something from left field, try Naija Boy Tacos – think W. African Tacos (in the vein of the more famed Korean tacos a la Roy Choi’s Kogi tacos) (on 16th / G St. off the 80)


This makes sense. For good and bad, often times one critic can drive things. Think of LA before Jonathan Gold. Much of it was there but someone needed to take on that giant geographic region and he did…and it wasn’t overnight.


Totally! I mean, think of his year on Pico Boulevard alone. It’s not like that food didn’t exist before he visited. For sure, sometimes when I go back to Sac my favorite haunts are more like when Gold returned to a previous favorite but more often I see areas that have been built up, others becoming more diverse and bringing grocery stores to match, an increasing fluency in imported liquors, etc., etc.

Living in LA it’s like watching it all through a keyhole. I only get snippets here and there but pretty amazing snippets all the same!


That was a nice read. Gold was great at what he did, eat and then write about it….just over and over. I like the bit about going back to a taco joint and it going down hill. I recently went back to Taqueria Cancun at Mission/19th. The al pastor burrito was generally the same, but something was missing, or my tastes have changed…and I realized I could get a better version in Oakland. It happens.

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Sunday market in Ubud, Indonesia
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