Anyone tried IF (Intermittent Fasting)?

Curious to hear if anyone has had success with intermittent fasting and to learn some of your tips and tricks. I am currently trying to adhere to 16/8, but this weekend’s experience tells me we may need a cheat day (probably Saturdays) for late-night libations. Overall I miss breakfast less than expected, although today was a little rough after too much coffee (felt slightly shakey/nauseated). Probably should also eat lower carb generally for more fat burning.

For those not familiar, here’s a handy summary of typical IF plans:

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I 16:8 most days, not always on the weekends if Joe wants to have breakfast out. I eat keto/ low carb most of the time so I find it easy- the steady blood sugar really helps.

If you’re finding it difficult work up to it. What is your reason for doing IF?

Trying to nudge my metabolism up and cut calories overall - weight loss. Finding strict calorie cutting way too difficult to stick to or have time to plan for (have done it successfully in the past but now have a toddler and mom bod). I am nursing and taking an SSRI/gastric emptying drug that stimulates prolactin for milk production, which I strongly suspect makes me hungrier and whacks my hormones.

I also tried the Always Hungry diet (low Glycemic Index) and did not lose a pound even after two strict weeks.

I don’t have it in me to do keto, but I do try to limit carbs a little, eat small portions of whole grains, and avoid sweets. IF appeals to me because the rules are simple and I don’t do well with moderation, I guess. DH and I are both volume eaters and enjoy snacks and evening drinks.

Do you allow coffee, and do you have it with black or some form of dairy? I typically have mine with 2% Lactaid but could up the fat % if that wouldn’t be a worse violation of the fast. Thoughts?

I drink black coffee, I really don’t like my coffee messed with so no added fats. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: In general with keto/ low carb I’ve personally found that if there is body fat to be burned you don’t need to be adding a whole lot to your diet to acheive fat burning. Low carb opens the door but if your body can find dietary fat it doesn’t nees to go after body fat.

Keto works for me because I feel so much better not eating grains that its easy to keep my carbs low. I love me some bread and pasta but they hate me. I totally get it feeling really restrictive for other people.

From what I’ve read anything over 50 calories is a fast buster. I may have read that from Dr. Fung but I can’t say for sure.

I have wacky hormones so I feel your pain. Its hard when tour body is working against you. :rage:

Autophagy has lots of benefits beyond fat loss, too.

This makes sense. I watched some youtube video hawking microgreen powder that mentioned avoiding low-fat meat to reduce insulin response, which is why I was curious.

Somehow I am up 1 lb. after IF since Thursday/Friday (cheating with rosé wine on Saturday only). I am going to HOPE this is just water and power on. Probably need to hold back more on carbs.

Adulting is so overrated :slight_smile:

I do a form of IF, I’m not a strict follower, but I do know a lot about it.

I’m a big proponent of fasting and highly recommend it. I don’t know how well this statement is going to go over on a foodie forum. :slight_smile:

I’ve lost a net weight of 50 lbs (I was overweight before). I like fasting better than IF.

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That’s impressive! Any tips?

How do you distinguish the two?

Jeepers. Another boutique diet. The science is simple. If you burn more calories than you consume you will lose weight. If you eat more than you burn you will gain weight. Unless you have a medically diagnosed problem (which can be treated with medication) you’re just looking for an easy out. Losing weight on a long term sustainable basis is about calorie management. Eat less. Exercise more. See your doctor. Get help.


Reallllly helpful post.


This article explains it better than I ever could

I have controversial views about dieting and controversial usually ends in heated arguments. But my theory is fasting is good, it is more beneficial than calorie counting and it’s easier.

However, as with everything, moderation is key and there are precautions to take before going on a long fast, the most obvious being potassium/magnesium deficit, which you will feel keenly if you don’t monitor it. Reddit has an active fasting community with a wealth of up-to-date information.

They even have a community for intermittent fasting, but I don’t know much about it.

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Yes, and this simplistic advice has worked so well for millions of Americans! THANK YOU!!!


Who asked you?


Thank you. That was my intent. Eat less and/or exercise more. Stay away from fad diets. Consult your doctor.

Definitely better than supporting someone making uninformed choices about their health on the basis of people without the training or scientific background to give good advice.

How about supporting the OP to make better more healthful choices.


How about staying out of a very specific thread the OP started – who presumably is an adult & can make her own decisions on what may or may not work for her, instead of lecturing her on “better more healthful choices?”


Thank you, I thought that was seriously patronising, too!


I have not much opinion on IF.

The above comment is more a male / female difference in point of view, I believe. My DH would say exactly the same thing.

Don’t blame all of us…

I do this non-voluntarily, because I have a hiatial hernia and reflux and I can’t eat much in the evening. Most nights I just skip dinner completely. I have lost around 20 pounds since this started about ten years ago. I do miss cooking dinner, though, and eating dinner out with friends.

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For a while a few years ago i followed dr furhman’s “eat to live” more to make sure i was eating the most nutrient dense diet possible than for weight loss. To this day I vaguely follow the same principles.

I blatantly ignored the no salt thing (total dealbreaker for me and not a health concern) and definitely added back small amounts of oils after the initial six weeks- he isn’t anti fats, oils just aren’t nutrient dense like nuts or avocado.
During the six weeks and hopefully ever after he wants you to have 12-14hrs between breakfast and dinner which is fairly easy.
It is no meat and no dairy which is probably too drastic all at once for a non- vegetarian, i think if you kept some omni proteins while following the rest of the program it would still prove beneficial.
Surprisingly the web md recap is accurate and comprehensive