Anyone tried IF (Intermittent Fasting)?

(Dave Skolnick) #21

Reflux is rough isn’t it? People with a little heartburn don’t get how bad it can be, especially when the triggers keep moving around. My thoughts are with you.

(Junior) #22

Interesting…I have been "playing around"with IF for the past few months. My primary motivation for playing around was because of the isegenix diet I see so many people doing, which seems to involve fasting to some extent.

My very crude ritual has been to fast from Sunday night (whatever time I have diner) to Tuesday night when my first meal will be diner. So for all intent and purposes I go 48 hours with liquid only, I drink coffee (black), water and chicken broth for sustenance during the 48 hours. I honestly find it very bearable, by Tuesday afternoons I sometimes have a headache, but other than that I really don’t have many ill affects. While I’m not losing weight, I’m also not dieting at all during the other 5 days, so I’m also not gaining weight. (I’m also drinking alcohol to an excess also on the weekends…hey it’s summer and I’m taking Fridays off and hanging the beach, so there is quite a bit of vodka consumption from Fri-Sun) .

Overall I’ve become quite a fan of the 48 hour fast and it certainly helps mitigate the typical bloating that I would have after a weekend of excess.

Good luck!

(Memory) #23

I started IF a few months ago, lost six pounds in two weeks. For context, I’m 60, and those were the last six that got me within my target BMI. And that’s hard weight to lose. I eat dinner at 4:30, and don’t drink after six. And changed my half-hour workout on the recumbent bike to 30 min of HIIT. I think the HIIT made a HUGE difference. Also, walk 90 minutes four times a week. But I break my routine for fun social occasions. Hard. But it’s hard to for a lot of people to manage weight by simple formulas (Eat less, exercise more. Oh, please.) Side benefits: much better sleep and energy. Sorry for the long-winded reply. I’ve come to the conclusion that every body is different when it comes to weight control. IF/HIIT have been hugely helpful to me. Good luck!

(Dan) #24

My wife is a dedicated follower, a success story and my own inspiration for more mindful eating with the ability to have a few cheat days that address social gathering and selective rewards, like sugar once you have fully incorporated the entire program. This model uses IF as part of the directive. It took us several years of consistent program to lose weight significant to our overall health and the ability to make the program a perm. part of our lifestyle.

I lost 45 lbs and stopped taking 4 meds
My wife lost 100 lbs and believes it saved her life

We both love entertaining and food travel but compared to 10 years ago, we couldnt be more convinced that IF along with a sound med exam can be life changing.

Good luck in your own health pursuit!


With all due respect, fasting does result in eating less, so the advice is valid. As we all know by now, there are many different ways of achieving the goal of eating less and exercising more.

Personally, I prefer the beach and Pilates classes to mountain biking or team sports. As you point out, it is important to find ways to be healthy that fit your lifestyle and natural inclinations. It’s wonderful that you and your wife found a program that worked for you, some people never figure it out. :slight_smile:


Not necessarily- you can eat just as many calories regardless of number of meals and many people do because they are after other benefits from fasting, such as autophagy, and not weight loss. You can “eat to maintenance” on any plan- fasting, keto, low carb, paleo, whole30, etc. and still experience benefits from each plan (steady blood sugar, body recomposition, reduced inflammation, etc.)

(maria ascarrunz) #27

ever heard of a metabolism slowing down?

more importantly, ever hear of not lecturing people you assume haven’t done the research themselves?

(Memory) #28

Dear Bookwich,
I’m unsure if I am actually eating less (I mean fewer calories), just differently. Which for me has worked.

(ChristinaM) #29

I (used to) feel your pain. This is OT, but you might want to look into the Fast Tract Diet by Norm Robillard. That high GI diet, together with probiotic foods and supplements, cured my reflux and early IBS. I feel - and digest - SO much better! And after 2-3 years watching what I ate (following Fast Tract), I was even able to transition back to a “normal” diet with resistant starches and plenty of dietary fiber again. It all boils down to guy bacteria and SIBO.


Understood. I was thinking about people that need to lose weight, especially 30+ pounds. Simply moving around the calories will not cause weight loss.

(ChristinaM) #31

Thank you for this - I am listening now. I came across Fung’s website last week.

Are you both keto/low carb as well?

(Dan) #32

My wife has been. Now she watches all portions and goes to yoga classes to sweat.

I eat twice a day 5 days a week and fast the other 2 with med supervision watching salt and carbs.

We both use visual cues and a scale for portions. Thankfully we are well past the days of pre portioned containers and bringing our meals to social gatherings. We didnt dine out at all for a yr and I really disliked those days then. I was determined to address my health and support my wife.

Keeping my respect for everyone weighing in, I wouldnt be here or here for my kid if I had taken well intended advice that didnt apply to my health. It took months for me to find the right dr. and my own commitment to live the advice.

Another quick tip is meal sharing. We make one portion or order one and share it.

(Andrea) #33

Sure, but your body also adjusts to changes in diet - you starve it for a while and it wants to protect you by holding onto as much as it can. Thanks, body! :roll_eyes::joy:

( :@)) :@)) ) #34

I “fast” between dinner and breakfast, does it count? I don’t eat anything else after dinner and my dinner is never huge.

Yes, metabolism slowing down is one of the factors. Also, women have it worse than men due to hormonal changes. Already starting during perimenopausal years, it gets worse after menopause.

I’ve gained 3 kilos (7 pounds?) since my early 20s (that was more than 2 decades ago). Half of that is new muscle mass, thanks to the gym.

(Natascha) #35

I gained 8 (EIGHT!) pounds over the summer in Berlin & Italy, thanks to a steady diet of beer, pasta & gelato.

I pretty much just eat dinner most days when I’m back home, so hopefully that’ll count as IF and I will drop this massive baby sooner rather than later. Le Sigh!

(Dan) #36

My dr. recommended IF under supervision (at least initially) but would never have suggested starvation. Years ago I would have thought the two were one and the same but clearly I have learned it is not only completely diff our bodies react differently.

Restriction, beyond med needs, wouldnt have worked for us long term and it was the promise of a better day that lifelong changes had a shot at working.

When you celebrate food you never dream it will kick your arse if disrespected😀.

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Ouch. But you were on an extended holiday and you enjoyed those meals. Home-cooked food is good for us and our wallets, too.

Now that I’m full-fledged middle aged it’s getting a lot harder and takes longer to get back to my normal weight after each holiday.

I’d rather drink beer, eat cheese and bread and be happy than be “thin”.

(Andrea) #38

This is about where I am, too. Within reason, of course - I want to be strong and fit and not get depressed about buying pants so I’m not totally letting myself go, but I’ve also come to accept that I’m not going to have my 25 year-old body back. Or not without more work than I want to do.

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Yeah, exactly. Actually, the stress of worrying about one’s weight could contribute to weight gain. Check out this article about the connection between our mindsets and our health.

I’m dismissive of this kind of advice in (health) food mags:

  • Cut out alcohol completely
  • Eat only 1 small portion of cheese per week (hah!)

(Dan) #40

Your are funny! I treat cocktails like dessert rather than go without and yes, cheese has a place at the table.

Thankfully, IF is not an all or nothing way to dine.