Anybody Here Think Keurig Makes Better Coffee Than Drip?

I do too. I have every tool mentioned above except “cold press” (I use a Takeya for cold brew). Even have a plumbed in commercial espresso machine in the kitchen. But I’m not retired and so most of the time consuming methods are used in weekend mornings and weekdays I use instant. I consider Mount Hagen exceptional; and I have no financial relationship to disclose.

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THAT is the way to go. No constant reheating, just one brew. I’ve been shaking my head about Keurig since the silly things came out. Never bought one, but had one at worked I tried a few times. Every type of coffee gave me the WTF feeling. What a waste of plastic, too. I still don’t get it.

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I used to keep little packs of Starbucks Via Columbia in my purse to dump into the watery school brew I’d get from the building’s “coffee bar.” I needed something to keep me awake (I’m sure the students did, too) for my early morning class. I figured I’d just ramp it up. The unholy mixture worked.

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It’s convenience. Consistently ______. Quick. No drains get clogged, sinks messed. Pods delivered with the rest of the office supplies. Sealed pods have extended life.

I’m not defending the beverage quality. I merely asked…

I never realized a keurig actually made coffee. Like the machine in hitchhiker’s guide, I think they make something completely resembling but the exact opposite of coffee.

I am a huge French press fan. Coffee at home is almost far superior to anything I buy in even excellent coffee houses. The method we use is from James Hoffman and takes about 15 minutes.

Of course, I do frequent coffee houses when withdrawal symptoms are to great to handle. When it comes to coffee, my addiction as a monkey on my back. My dear wife has an 800# gorilla on hers. Which means, since she is up earlier than me most mornings, I get out of bed to great cofee!

I have a Mocamaster drip and love it. I am usually brewing beans I roasted. So quite fresh

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A lot of specialty coffee roasters are offering fancier instant coffee options. Some use freeze-dried grounds; other use bags that looked like teabag. Steeped Coffee makes many of these bags for roasters, plus has their own offerings.

Keurig is to coffee what Cup Noodles is to ramen.


Similar on the pour over setup. Not sure why that didn’t occur to me sooner, though.

Earlier this year I decided to try brewing from a Melitta cone directly into our Yeti tumblers (all of which we already had). Super simple, brew stays hot, and no coffeemaker involved—Keurig or otherwise.


Did that for years :+1:t2:

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