Any tidbits on NYC? 4 day trip or so.

I loved Joe’s, don’t get me wrong! I’ll probably put it back into rotation again at some point. But there was a time when they were by far the best choice, and now there are many more (and further uptown, which also wins on convenience for me).

I have nothing against convenience. But when we’re in the city, we stay in Chintatown. Ergo …

Good. For I moment, I thought you said “ego”. For me, same as you, Manhattan Chinatown is in nice walking distance to so many thing. So it is actually convenience. I can spend an entire day walking back and forth in many area within Chinatown and outside of Chinatown

By the way, talk about walking @ Night07, I just remember something. Beside many good CCK knives you can get from Chinatown, there is Korin at 57 Warren Street. Not sure if you have been there, but it has a nice selection of Japanese knives (traditional Japanese and Western Japanese). It is about 15-20 min walking from Chinatown. I bought my Glestain knife on sale at Korin. Cheaper than any online shop I saw.

By the way… Korin is having an April sale… you know… just saying. :crazy_face: If you have nothing to do when you are at Chinatown… maybe you can…swing by…

@Night07 also note there’s murray’s cheese shop in the west village, an extensive counter of every cheese you can imagine and the store sells about anything you would need to go with it. You could buy some firm cheeses that travel well to bring back home as a souvenir :))

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Oh yeah! I remember people talking about that place. I don’t think I’m really going to be buying any knives but definitely will walk around and take a look.

Nice, I’ll definitely take a look though I’m doubtful about buying cheese to bring back.

I recall people talking about Zabar’s in NY. Is that place still interesting to browse around? Or are there other interesting stores?

Yes, if you’re uptown. You could do the whole stretch - Zabars, Fairway, Citarella. Buy some food at each and walk over to Central Park. Zabars and Fairway cheese and deli counters are excellent - you can sample and buy a small amount for the picnic I just planned you :joy:.


Mostly teasing you. I know you are not that into knives. I know your time will be precious. I was just teasing you that it is about 20 min walk from Chinatown. Oh, I just remember, they sell these peeling cutting boards too. That was the first time I heard about it. Interesting idea, kind of expensive from what I can see.

I did bring back soy sauce from Hong Kong…

Holy cow. What soy sauce did you bring back from Hong Kong? Is it a special soy sauce?

I’m not sure how special, its currently sitting unopened on my counter right now haha.

But here’s some articles:

Cool. I think I remember it. It is one of the last few soy sauce made in Hong Kong.

This just blew my mind. I wonder how many uses you get per sheet and if you can use the base after it is done with the sheets. 5 seems way too little for $200.

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I know… because I was thinking that with $200, I can also buy 5 cutting boards… The material is polyethylene, so it doesn’t seem to be anything special.
I thought it is an interesting idea, but 5 boards do not seem a lot for the price.

Exactly. I’m confused all over about this concept. It obviously isn’t environmentally friendly and you probably shouldn’t cut raw meat on it for fear of cutting into the next layer?

These layers are pretty thick (~0.6 cm each layer), so the knife won’t cut through.
While the concept seems very interesting, it doesn’t seem to really save anything.

  1. It is not cheaper. I can buy a heavy duty 30" X 18" cutting board for $25.
  1. With a regular polyethylene cutting board, you can use both sides. With this, I believe you will end up using one side per peel layer Let me put it this way, with 5 regular cutting boards, there are 10 sides surfaces I can use. With this peel cutting board, it seem most people will only use 6 sides.
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Zabar’s has many good values in cheese (are you getting the picture that I love cheese? I do, and since I’m low-carbing, I no longer get pastries and such). Yes, it’s interesting for a visitor to browse in, but it’s best to go during the day on a weekday.

If you’re of mind for a theme:

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Haha I could not guess…

I’m not a huge cheese fan (I only really like them with a sandwich or on pizza) but I always find it fun walking around and looking and smelling them.

Dang! I’m actually thinking of going to Hi-Collar but didn’t realize they had it limited as well. Ugh.

Cheeky Sandwiches’ fried oyster po’boy is one of my favorite things to eat in NYC.

Never been to that place, but having been recently back from New Orleans, the po’boy does sound nice.