Any tidbits on NYC? 4 day trip or so.

Hey everyone,

Just wondering if anyone has any good suggestions for a quick visit to NYC from the SF area. I’m trying to get a reservation at EMP but otherwise nothing really big quickly comes to my mind. Food wise, I’m thinking of trying to get a seat at Peter Luger’s or some other steakhouses but other things I was thinking about might be Del Posto and TAK Room. Thinking maybe a place for Jamican food but not quite so sure otherwise. Otherwise, there are really a lot of different restaurants that I’m trying hard to distill down. Heard good things about The Modern as well.

Any thoughts or suggestions?

On a side note, I’m thinking of going to the Museum of Food and Drink, any other fun gastronomic related things to walk around?

Have you been to nyc before?
Any favorite cuisines or dishes or cravings?
The Modern is fantastic, I’ve been to the front bar room which is more casual a number of times. Although note the bar room does get a bit loud at happy hour. Definitely make a reservation if you want to go for a meal, otherwise the bar is great to sit for a drink and a snack before or after the museum.
I would say skip chelsea market all together, the ferry building in SF is soooo much better that i think you would just be like “meh, this is lame” :joy:

This sounds out there but ! I’ve met Ziggy a few times and he is awesome, really funny, and a crazy passionate food lover- and now he does food tours. He has a tour of brooklyn that sounds awesome, it’s a full day long but if you want to just do an afternoon or whatever just send him a direct email. There are some awesome ethnic neighborhoods and he knows where to go

Obviously you will need bagels, but depends where you’re staying, there are a number of good shops so it doesn’t make sense to go across town from your hotel or something


Yeah I’ve been to NY before, once or twice in the last five years or so. So not totally hopeless but not familiar. I personally quite like Cantonese but uh… I probably eat more than enough of that in SF haha. I was thinking a little bit more uniquely NY items or things that I can’t find in California easily. I do want to check out the bar Existing Conditions and might give Roberta’s pizzeria a shot as well since I am an avid Cooking Issues listener.

But for the most part, thinking a steak house, high end dining for one night or lunch, and at this point pretty much open. I’ll be staying around Brooklyn so that Ziggy tours might be interesting as well though I have a tendency to just wander around neighborhoods and just people watch so still trying to compile a to do list. Besides eating, I’m mostly thinking of checking out a broadway show and MOFAD.

If you’re catching a Broadway show I really dig Keens steakhouse, the mutton chop in particular. Cool old NY vibe in a historic space.

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I’m a NYC tourist as well, but if you’re looking for things not easily found in the Bay Area, I’d get a bagel and some smoked salmon or other appetizing items from Russ & Daughters if you haven’t had that. Maybe in sandwich form with cream cheese. And a pastrami sandwich from Katz’s. And pizza. I had a good slice from Joe’s on Carmine. Plenty of other pizza places too. Oh and maybe check out a branch of Xi’an Famous Foods? Not a huge amount of Shaanxi restaurants here in the Bay, going off of the regional Chinese roundup.

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I’ve actually heard good things about Keens and how that is an alternative to Luger (where I’ve been once) so I might op for that. Thanks for the rec! I’m still compiling a mini map of at least general places and area I want to walk.

@Mr_Happy hmmm bagels sound like a good choice. I’ll probably avoid the Pastrami at Katz this time around since I did eat it last time along with Carnegie and I … couldn’t quite move after that lol. Pizza is a good idea; funny enough I avoided eating NY Pizza cause I went up towards New Haven for Frank Pepe’s clam pizza but I definitely will grab a few slices. Hrm I might be in LA the week before NYC. Think they might do a better on Shaanxi restaurant there? I will admit, I’m only okay on lamb/goat since I find it just be a little gamey for my own tastes though I do enjoy rack of lamb once in a while.

I’d agree with Ttrockwood that the Chelsea Market isn’t worth making it a destination, but if you’ve never walked the High Line I would definitely recommend doing that. It basically ends at Chelsea Market so you could pop in for a taco at Los Tacos No. 1 or some halva soft serve at Seed & Mill. Start up at the Hudson Yards and walk South. I have no idea if anything foodwise at Hudson Yards is worth eating out but you could check out the development and there is some interesting architecture on the walk.

So true. You probably can get equally good Cantonese food in SF. If you ever swing by Manhattan Chinatown, then I would recommend you try the wonton noodle from Noodle Village (粥麵軒).

I still haven’t had better wonton noodle in SF or LA.

Chelsea Market is not super amazing, but I always like to swing by.

TAK Room is at Hudson Yard which was started by Thomas Keller. I’m a little curious how that place tastes as they supposedly do a more refined continental style. But yeah, I walked the highline before and enjoyed it so probably will do what you suggested or maybe the other way around.

Thanks for the rec! I’ll most likely be in the Manhattan Chinatown. I just saw this: and I’m a little curious about how it compares to SF/HK. I also enjoyed having my macaroni and ham in soup at Cha Chan Tang when I was there and I’m hoping they’re still around. Not exactly the most sought after thing most people recommend in NY but I had a good time there. I’m just bemused that Mott 32 isn’t actually even in New York but in Las Vegas.

Murray’s Cheese and Di Palo’s ?

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Ah if you’re going to LA there may be some Shaanxi restaurants there as well. I don’t know much about that area though. I remember my favorite dish at XFF was the lamb noodles which weren’t super gamey. I also liked their liang pi noodles a lot.

Anything in particular there?

Oh that seems fair. Is there a particular location that is better? I’m looking online and they seem to have a good number of stores

Skip Cantonese here, on such a short trip there’s only so many meals…!
Roberta’s is definitely a “worth it” to go to. When is your trip? Try to do roberta’s on a weekday early evening to save yourself a potentially epic wait time (ie two hours in a friday night)
Russ and Daughters cafe is great for classic nyc jewish deli menu, they’re open from breakfast thru dinner and have good nyc style bagels(will be epic wait for breakfast/brunch on a weekend). Kossar’s is right by russ and daughters, so be sure to stop and grab a bialy for a snack for later- but be sure to eat the same day, like bagels they fade quickly (do not get a bagel at Kossar’s somehow they’re terrible!)

There’s great israeli and middle eastern food here, Balaboosta is great for a more modern polished meal

For a quick casual lunch there’s Taim in Nolita (eastern edge of Soho) and I love Nish Nush in tribeca. If you’re going to the museum of natural history on the UWS Gazala’s is nearby

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My feeling is that NYC Chinatown has much better Chinese food than SF Chinatown, and man, I love SF, so it pains me to say that. However, you and I both know the best Chinese food in SF is not in SF Chinatown anyway.

If you are to swing by NYC Chinatown, then my recommend a small bowl of wonton from Noodle Village. It won’t take up much of your stomach space. :grinning:

I love the vegetables and fruits stands around Mott Street and other streets. They have very fresh vegetables and fruits. Some very good Lychees and (Chinese Wampi) 黃皮 can be found there – when in season. Just walking through (not buying) is a good experience for me.

There are a couple of good Dim Sum restaurants, but they are not high end Dim Sum like Koi Palace. They are very solid though. There are a couple nice Shanghai Soup Dumpling shops.

I went to Cha Chan Tang a few times. I like it, but I don’t love it.

I forgot if you love steam fish. If you do, you should try some steam fish in NYC which are difficult to find in the West Coast. The West and East Coast Chinese restaurants offer different fishes.

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I’m going to be around towards the end of May. Is there anything particular that should be ordered at Roberta’s? Though I just found out that they opened in LA as well ~_~; Hrm…

I will admit, I tend to shy away from brunch places since I find variations on traditional brunch foods somewhat boring (waffles, pancakes etc.) but definitely do want a nice bagel.

Any recommendations for Balaboosta? I will say I’m not that familiar with israeli/middle eastern foods (unless you’re talking about kabobs… lol).

Still trying to figure out what I want to do, I might skip natural history museum since I was there before but will add those two restaurants to the map!

Haha… sadly SF’s main Chinatown… can be rough. Still think their Golden Gate Bakery’s egg custards are fantastic though. And huh, I’m surprised they have the Chinese Wampi, I can’t quite recall if I see it in SF though you’d think we’d have it. Not sure what’s exactly in season end of May in NYC.

I’ll skip dim sum this time around as I’m the only one wandering around. I recall eating dim sum in NY though I can’t recall the name right now but wasn’t too impressed. Any thoughts on Joe’s Shanghai? I recall my aunt raved about it but I’m a little hesitant from her past recommendations… haha.

Yeah definitely love steamed fish though a bit hard to eat it all myself though I guess a bowl of rice, some veggies and a relatively small fish would be fine. I’ll keep it in the back of my mind but any place you would recommend. A little bit off topic, but Maple Yip in Toronto did a fantastic job in steamed fish.

Absolutely. One of the very best things in SF Chinatown. Yes, I have so many unusual and great fruits in NYC Chinatown.

Yes, the two best known and better quality of Shanghai Soup Dumplings are: Joe’s Shanghai and Shanghai Cafe Deluxe. Joe’s Shanghai’s soup dumplings have a nice, deep and gelatin mouth feel. Shanghai Cafe Deluxe’s soup dumplings have good intact warping (but not thick), and have crab meat dumplings which you actually can taste the crab meat.

Yeah. When I go out on my own, I order a fish and just eat the fish -2-2.5 pound. There are a few good restaurants, but I would really focus on the fish. If you go by and see they offer the same fish as i the West Coast, then don’t brother. However, if they offer unique fish, then definitely give it a try.

To me, good fishes are like good Lychee. You don’t dictate to have good fish meal. The good fish dictates your meal.

This is a cool thread. I’m interested to see what you choose. Have you made any decisions yet? In my eyes NYC and Sf have amazing food. I think you are comparing two of the best food cities in the world :slight_smile:

Have you thought about a helicopter tour?

In most people eye, NYC and SF have amazing food.

Yes! Two of the best!

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Haven’t you heard? We have the right water ;)) joking aside I think visiting the original is the way to go. They also offer take away and delivery if you happen to be staying in their delivery zone or you want a night to stay in for dinner and just pick up and go. The Bee Sting is really well known, includes hot honey, also listed as The Famous Original is another, well, famous original combo

King fu kitchen is known for great XLB, they’re not far from times square area and could be a good option for pre or post broadway show

The menu at Balaboosta changes a lot, a few of the small plates or apps would be the best strategy i think

If you’re unable to get a reservation at EMP you can go no reservation to the bar (I’m sure bar area reservations are also booked, and only available for parties of two, not clear if you’re traveling solo?) anyways, i would go right when they open for service and try for a seat at the bar or at least put down your name. This article is a a year old but potentially helpful

Note if you’re here over memorial day weekend that monday a lot of places may be closed (higher end restaurants anyhow) so be sure to double check before heading off with a destination in mind

“Food is a pretty good prism through which to view humanity.”

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