Any suggestions???

Aww man no @Rooster !
Don’t go - again!

@rooster those you are talking to that you considered as CORE, are just ex-CH.

Yes, it’s Proboards.


I suspect they may have left it too late. Like HO, their main “marketing” opportunity disappears in a coupl eo fdays. That said, someone coming along and not finding CH, may well Google and be directe dto that site.

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I’m here. :man_dancing:t3:


It seems old format to me. Sort of how I remember EGullet being at the beginning. It’s a hard format to work with, IMO.

On here or somewhere else?

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Those are pre-2000 design, maybe 1995? :laughing:


Really? HO is NOT CH. It was started back in 2015 for those disenfranchised with CH’s drastic changes to their platform. But HO has attracted plenty of non-CH users such as yourself.

If you don’t like HO and it’s not giving you what you want, that’s one thing. But to leave because there are too many from CH? :woman_shrugging: I don’t understand. That’s been the case from the beginning. But it’s HO. Not CH.


@LindaWhit -The irony is that you had your reasons for leaving Chowhound and joined Hungry Onion. From the very first time I started participating in HO myself, I read many comments over the discontent with changes at Chowhound, management ignoring suggestions, etc. I never had any experience at Chowhound. For me, the HO community was the only food forum experience so telling me its a forum of ex-CH may seem obvious to you but it has zero history for me. I’m departing this forum for another. Sound familiar?

So, I try my best to bow out and I’m getting these comments as if leaving a forum is an unusual decision. Leaving CH is no diff than leaving HO if the community is used to departures when its no longer enjoyable.

I tried to be polite but damn, it’s never respected.

@Saregama -my break from HO last year was because my son and Aunt died a week apart. I didn’t feel it necessary to explain it then but apparently you need clarification.

@naf-I don’t know if we ever had a good communication but I don’t share your enjoyment of gossip.

Moving on is a good idea.

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(post deleted by author)

Hope that goes well for you and gives you what you havent been able to find here.


I’ll miss you!

I will miss you too. Hope that there is always a tasty meal at your table and great music to go with it.

I’ve a hard time to understand what you mean, I guess you are referring to this post in the Baking Board Welcome All thread.

They must be really happy to have you around! What do you make for them?

Anyway, all the best for your future baking adventures.

Hi @motosport! While the above doesn’t say what you are hoping for specifically, might it be that you haven’t seen enough activity from your geographic area?

If you do want to explore the potential of getting a discussion rolling, just this morning another poster started this thread to gauge interest in the geography they’re interested in discussing. Maybe make a similar post that covers the locale you want to discuss, as a way to find out if other community members share your interest.

Hope this helps.


@Rooster you will be sorely missed :frowning_face: I wish you the best of luck in your new endeavors and hope someday that you might return after the dust settles from all of the new CH transfers.
I was always inspired by your amazing baking experiences, especially since you started late in life after semi-retirement.
I hope to start learning to cook from Mrs. P after retiring at the end of June (after over 41 years with the same company). I will finally have some free time to learn.


My companion in life took up baking as a retirement hobby. Love the cake almost as much as I love the bread.


@Rooster , come on man. :worried: :pleading_face:

It’s a good idea to take a break from here. I hope you can let it go, with time. Come back when you are ready. There are some of us who appreciate and learn stuff from you.


It reminds me of the aged WordPress and BBPress default forum templates of old. Riddled with holes for spammers to snag email addresses if you didn’t lock the template down.