Any suggestions???

Now that CH. is shutting down does anyone have any suggestions on how to get H.O. to be more engaging, pertinent and vibrant.
For as long as I can remember the postings have been few and far between.
I was an avid reader and contributor to C.H… I’m about to give up on H.O…
Please give me a reason to stay involved.
Thank you for letting me share.


First, I think members should post more, than just lurking silently. Secondly, lively discussions mean you need to have enough engaging members with interesting view points to share.

May I ask which boards did you post in CH? Have those people posting with you come in HO? If they haven’t, do you have contact to invite them to continue the discussion in here?

Several of the CH boards, we have big group coming together, eg Cooking Disucssion’s Cookbook of the Month, or the Canadian board…


That may be the right decision for you.

You’ve been a member here since 2017, so you know the forum. As you suggest, you’ve found postings to be few and the feel of the forum isnt engaging , vibrant or pertinent to you. That’s a fact of life, not just for you but for anyone who chooses to play on a small board at this point in the history of discussion boards. I note you’ve been an avid reader and contributor to CH but, I’m presuming, you havent felt the same with HO.

I’ve often felt very lonely out there posting to the UK/Ireland board, with only a very small handful of other Britons making occasional contributions. But it’s a positive metropolis in comparison with CH’s equivalent board.

HO has welcomed a number of ex-CH posters in recent days. I have no idea how many but, I suspect, not vast numbers. Some will stay, others will drift away. Traffic will increase to some extent particularly on the sub-forums where those folk have an interest. But, with the best will in the world, it is not going to make a vast difference.

It may simply not be worth your while hanging about here, hoping something will change. But, if may turn your own question back, do you have any practical suggestions for making HO more engaging, pertinent and vibrant? I’d be interested in reading your suggestions, whether or not you choose to stay or go


I’ve suggested separate categories for Long Island which is Worlds apart from CT and Westchester.
I’ll keep looking and posting and hoping for more …
Thank you for responding.


NYC and Long Island. Most people I know have been contacted by H.O… Many already belong.
I’ll keep looking and posting and hoping for more…

This isn’t a joke post?
Perhaps you should start your own kingdom.

3 Likes just launched.

Why in the world have members of CH expected the energy put into creating Hungry Onion do more than say Welcome?

Drop the mike, this is so not welcoming. I suggest you see the Welcome sign.

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So, your suggestion to enhance HO is to hive off a small area of one region in one country and give it its own board? Have to disagree that this would be a positive move - I think wider, not narrower boards attract more interes,as there is inherently more to read.

Although I have to confess that I suggested something similar on CH many years back - separate out London from the UK/Ireland board so that those of us who had no real interest in reading Americans asking other Americans where to eat in the city could get on with discussing food in the rest of our countries. I was wrong (it was a period when I was very peeved with CH) and my suggestion was rightly ignored.

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While I certainly agree that the category list here is is a bit opaque, I am not sure if granulizing them will achieve the results you are looking for… but heck, I am here to discuss cooking and not regional dining. In that respect, I find this forum (and its members) exemplary.

Would I post to a category involving the Sierra Nevada and its foothills? Absolutely! But there is little here worth posting about (which is why I cook). (c;


I’m already running New Jersey. I don’t have the free time. That was a joke.
Thanks for your suggestion.

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There are those “Oysters.”

Perhaps this is a good opportunity to set some expectations. Unlike CH, HO is run\funded by one very generous person. The moderators are all volunteers. There are no advertising dollars (a conscious decision) nor is there a staff of paid employees.

As a former CH myself (though they lost me with the big redesign\push to commercialize) I realize–and appreciate–that HO is more relaxed and informal than CH. The site is truly what its members make it.


I’ve been an H.O. member for years. Doing my best to improve the situation.


The 'shrooms, or are you thinking about the Rockies?

And probably why I find this place so amazing!


That site is…interesting in its format.

Any site is what we make it.

I miss the Nyc restaurants discussion — but that’s not just here, it was lacking on CH too, other than a sporadic post that brought out a few comments.

I hope the shaking up from CH closing will bring some folks over and make some lurkers more active.

It’s not the job of HO to make itself relevant or interesting to us — it’s a community, it’s on us to make it that way.


Is it standard thing?

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Exactly! HO is a tool. It’s not as well known as CH, but what we need is a community to build it to make it interesting.

Also I want to stress on one point, when we are on HO, we are all HOers, many has been ex-CHers, including those coming in 2015, 16. I hope that everybody can just enjoy and partipate.


No idea. Read about it happening.

I’m going to hop on a local to me online food group. Something fresh. I have no CH history and I keep seeing HO referred to as Chowhound.

All the best, Hungry Onion. I miss the core group already.