Portugal - moving from CH to HO

Can’t believe I have been on CH since 2008, mostly commenting on Portugal (the Algarve in particular) but also Spain and sometimes France. Happy to transfer to HO if my contribution can help travelers enjoy their experience!


You’ll be most welcome.

I’ve never been to Portugal (except for a day in Lisbon, 20+ year back when we were on a cruise). We do visit Spain most years (and have family members who originate from that country). From your CH experiences, I’m sure you know that Americans (who form most of our users) tend to visit cities (and a very limited number at that), whilst we North Europeans holiday in different parts of Spain and Portugal (such as the Algarve or the Spanish islands).

There’s little traffic on the Europe forum at present, obviously due to folk not yet travelling again due to Covid.

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I remember you from back then. Good to see you here.

Portugal and Spain (can’t mention one without the other as I love both countries equally) are in my top favourites. If you come across my postings you won’t fail to notice my love for these two countries is enormous and unending!

Haven’t been to Monchique, yet, but I will, one day. So the sooner you talk about what to eat and drink in Monchique the sooner I can make plans :rofl:


Welcome! I’m a fan of Portuguese food and would love to read about your discoveries, @Monchique.

Though I haven’t been traveling for quite awhile due to the pandemic, I’m in the US and hope to enjoy traveling to Europe again. I haven’t posted about that in the past because as @Harters notes there hasn’t been much activity on HO about Europe overall. But maybe with more posters that can increase?

One of my most cherished trips— longer ago than I care to admit— was a driving adventure in Portugal that got my husband and me into traveling. The Azores is on my want-to-go list for the future.


Welcome @Monchique! I recall getting help from you on CH for our first (and still only) trip to Portugal back around 2013. Sadly, I can’t find my trip report. We did the greatest hits back then (Lisbon, Porto, Cascais, etc) but not the Algarve. Needless to say, we fell in love with Portugal and kicked ourselves for not having visited sooner.

In 2019, we visited the Azores (Sao Miguel only) for the first time and again, it was love at first sight. We are thinking about returning later this summer and branching out from the main island. Any experience with the Azores?

In any case, welcome! And looking forward to your contributions once again.


Sorry, I have not yet made the Azores… Plans were shattered by COVID, but I hope to get there one day!


If you ever think of going to Monchique, let me know!

Welcome!!! I’m the mod of the European board and the recent setup French board.

Let me know if you need help!!

Enjoy your stay!!

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Time to visit Portugal… Completely different from Spain (even more than England v. Scotland because the people, culture and language are so different!)


Thank you, I think I will manage… The interface is very different, but I am getting there!


Yes, please!
I did the switch from CH to HO in 2015. Welcome to Hungry Onion, @Monchique !


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OK, thank you. I thought I had missed something :o)

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Only 1 hour and 15 minutes from here, by private transfer.
Too hot to go to south of PT in the summer (could be cooler up in the hills).

But you could start with the cheeses one can find in Monchique or surrounding villages :cheese: :drooling_face:

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I spent June in the Algarve, (Carvoeiro), and the last three days in Lisbon , (Lisboa).
Unfortunately, I saw almost none of it as I was on a "mission of mercy":innocent:, but I got just enough of a taste to have become obsessed with your country. I loved it and if I ever cross the pond again, it will be to see everything I missed.
I practically lived in the Apolonia grocery in Lagoa. I was cooking every day and loved the charcuterie, cheeses, black pork, etc.

I look forward to your posts.

Edited to add that I meant to reply to the OP.


I will in due course, but not about cheese because they don’t make or eat cheese in Monchique. There is this old popular belief that cheese makes you forgetful… It puzzled me for a very long time until I realized that this was probably due to Brucellosis, which is endemic in the region, and the locals had protected themselves for generations by not eating cheese! Food wise, Monchique is the kingdom of pigs under all their derivatives, cabbage, and the local firewater “Medronho” produced from the arbutus berry.


Ah, “Malta fever”. It’s possible this is the first time I’ve heard a place in Portugal where no cheese is consumed.

The partner has always wanted to go to Alentejo to eat porco preto, and I wanted to visit west Algarve for “perceves festivals”. Monchique looks so green and peaceful and I’m sold on the pigs and cabbage!

Welcome! I was reading your posts over on CH and it’s great to have you over here!

(I’m hoping to travel to Portugal in the next year or two, fingers crossed!)

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So you would get the best of 2 worlds in Monchique :o) We also get Perceves directly form the West coast (Aljezur), and of course the black pig is indigenous (as well as the wild bore). There is a very strong connection and inter exchange with Aljezur because we are as close to the West coast as to the South coast (Portimao). If you are thinking of visiting, let me know and I will give you some pointers! Our website is www.monchique.com