Any substitutes for mayonnaise on a sandwich ?

I love mayonnaise . I use it on my sandwiches for my lunches . I really dislike dry sandwiches … Example smoked Turkey with mustard and mayo with lettuce sometimes on some nice bread , I like the spread on both pieces of bread . I’m not going to give up mayo , just looking for a HEALTHY substitute for a spread on my sandwiches ? And what about tuna sandwiches . I like to use a lot of mayo in the mix .

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Is butter too obvious an answer? I have no idea if butter “goes with” turkey, since I don’t eat turkey. But it seems like it could work. Maybe not. Maybe that’s just a gross idea.

Ripe avocado spread/smeared on the bread.


Soft tofu, Greek yogurt, garlic or other added if you like; may be combined w mayo and/or avocado

I agree with avocado. And I’d add cream cheese. It’s always “sold” as having less calories than butter. Probably better than mayo too. But I too LOVE mayonnaise. Hard to substitute

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I stole a motto: “Everything in moderation including moderation.”


Cream cheese - and peanut butter - are advertised as lower calorie per ounce than butter, BUT that ignores the fact that you spread butter thinly and the others more thickly. It’s a sleazy trick, IMO.

Try a squirt of reduced calorie creamy bottled dressing, like ranch or thousand island. They provide moisture, and plenty of flavor. So does coleslaw (drain it first), which I like on a ham&swiss sandwich. Or, experiment with adding fat-free yogurt, by the teaspoon, to a tablespoon of mayo. See how much you can mix in before the flavor is no longer acceptable.

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I like all of your suggestions . I have these Wild Planet Albacore cans of tuna I purchased at Costco . So my next question is . How do you make a great tuna salad sandwich without mayo ? I going on a tuna salad sandwich kick .

Are you talking about mayo in the salad or on the sandwich bread?

In the salad . I like to use mayo and a little mustard , chopped gherkins , with a little of the juice , red onion , chopped egg , maybe a little chopped parsley and caper . And the tuna . Mix . Place on the pieces of bread that are dry with a leaf of lettuce . I would like to make it without the mayo that I love . I’m not into that lo fat mayo at all .

I’m not a mayo fan. I have used a product called “miso mayo” with a touch of mustard for a very nice tuna or egg salad. Sometimes I’ll make tuna salad with mustard and olive oil.

I was just thinking of using mustard and oo in the tuna salad without the mayo . Thanks

You could use a vinegrette like the french do on a Pan Bagnat. You just can’t make the sandwich up too far ahead- it gets soggy.

Hummus would probably work well.

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I’m with erica- lowfat thousand island is perfect for tuna.

Perhaps a vegan mayo? I recently tried Just Mayo and it was excellent. Same with Vegenaise - particularly their grapeseed oil variety. And I say this as a diehard Dukes fan!

Pan Bagnat is one of my favorite things, not just a sandwich.


perhaps silken egg tofu for your tuna salad?

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Almost all Salad dressings work well as sandwich spread.

And I make a vinagrette out of 3/4 red wine vinegar, two garlic heads, 1 part olive oil, and a small handful of dried oregano. It’s for Italian Combo type sandwiches, but I’ve used it on everything.

A new salad dressing I use for sandwiches is called Organic Girl Salad Love White Cheddar organic dressing. it has green onion, parmesan, buttermilk, sour cream, mayo, lemon, and other stuff, and tastes great. I haven’t even used it on salad yet. 30ml/2 Tbsp has 5 gm total fats and 1 gm total sugars.

That sounds scrumptious. I’ll have to see if I can find it. I haven’t bought salad dressing in a few years but I want this :slight_smile: Thanks.