Amazon prime has to be canceled today....cookbook recommendations?

Best cookbook in the world that I should have? recommendations?

I am getting down to the wire with amazon :smile:

I already have Julia

I wan’t to BUY something before I have to cancel and get charged for prime and can’t think of a thing

silliness I know :smiley:

I find The Settlement Cookbook very useful, but for a real cook it’s probably too basic.

There’s also The Joy of Cooking, which I use more for reference about ingredients, etc., than actual recipes.

The cookbooks I’ve gotten the most out of were Hot & Spicy & Meatless and Hot & Spicy & Meatless 2, but YMMV.

What other cookbooks do you already have? For a basic, how about The Zuni Cafe Cookbook? Or what about other international cuisines if all you have is French? Thai, Chinese, Middle Eastern?

@Peg S: The OP, Mad R, had an order deadline that had to be met several days ago, so that particular request is now moot.

Oh duh, of course I didn’t look at the date. There are so few threads there that I just assumed it was new. I just need to remind myself constantly how young this board is!

Thanks all :smile:

I should have been more specific, I have a number of chinese cookbooks and would love one on street food but cannot find a thing. Any suggestions?

Yes Prime subscription is over but I am still going to get a cookbook, I am picking one out for someone to give me as a gift.

Was also thinking of the America’s test kitchen family cookbook, looks like a great “all in one” cookbook and their recipes turn out well for me almost every time

would rather the street food cookbook if one exists


Happy Holidays!

You know, I was recently given Jacques Pepin’s “New Complete Techniques”, and it’s rapidly becoming one of my all-time favorites.

The beauty of this book is that everyone can learn from it regardless of skill level, it’s well-illustrated, and the accompanying preps are keyed to each technique. It is essentially a culinary degree course, by a giant among chefs. It stands with Escoffier, yet is totally approachable even to someone who’s never cooked. Amazing, really.

I wish I had found this book 25 years ago.



@kaleokahu funny you Compare Pepin with Escoffier. This is how they appear on my bookshelf:

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