All-Encompassing Term for Pancakes, Waffles, and French Toast?

One sees pancakes, waffles, and french toast lumped together on menus and in cook books all the time. But is there a single term for all these foods? “Batter breakfast foods” would be accurate, but no one uses it.

Might depend where in the world you were. For example, where I am, pancakes would appear under desserts.

in My home ec class back in the dark ages, they were quick breads along with muffins.

makes sense as it’s the same type of batter, although the cooking method is different.

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I call them “breakfast carbs.” I even tag them as such in Pepperplate!


Griddle is a common term on menus.


French toast isn’t a batter…?


I’ve always preferred the British term of “eggy bread”

In France, it is called “pain perdu” - lost bread.

Warning - off topic:

“French toast” in the following languages:

German: poor knight
“Dutch”: turning bitch (Yes, serious.)

Don’t like French toast but it’s better than waffles. If it has to be pancakes give me Austrian version.

We’ve just done a cruise with the American company, Oceania. The breakfast menu often included “Swedish pancakes” so I ordered them just to see what they were like. They were like pancakes. Or crepes as Americans and the French call them. I have no idea what makes them Swedish.

PS: Dutch seems to have a way with food terms. I’m a big fan of “oorlog” (war) on my fries - a drizzle of mayo, peanut sauce, ketchup and a sprinkle of onions. I suppose “war” is raged on your digestive system. By the by, when I googled to check the spelling of oorlog, I found a reference to a place in Amsterdam selling fries with a cannabis sauce. Eet smakelijk - definitely.

I can see why they are together on breakfast menus as they are all really the breakfast carbs.

But in cookbooks it would seem most logical to just have a Pancake section if they wanted to do the subject justice. Just think about the range across the world. Some examples: US Pancakes & Waffles; French Crepes & Galettes; Russian Blinis; English & Scotch pancakes; German Pfaankuchen; Dutch Pancakes; the whole range of different Chines/Asian/Japanese pancakes - rice, wheat etc etc.; Indian pancakes like Dosa’s and Appams.

So much variety - it could almost be a book on its own.


Maybe like this one, Phil


Seems to be a solution in need of a problem. The term "breakfast " should suffice.


“Swedish pancakes”.

I looked it up… looks like they are very thin pancakes like crepes. Read a few sites but am still baffled as to what actually makes it “Swedish”. If there’s copious amounts of cardamom and is eaten with typical berry compotes then they would qualify.

“Dutch pancakes” are the same: very thin and as big as a dinner plate. Eaten with a gross syrup and icing sugar.

This is Austrian pancakes. Fluffy without any baking powder added, torn to pieces before eating and is always eaten with some sort of fruit compote.

Exactly the same but with quark added to the batter.

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It’s not a “solution”–Mark was just wondering the other day if there was such a term.

How about “Things Americans eat for breakfast that were not meant to be eaten for breakfast.”

When is French Toast meant to be eaten?

How bout “Batter Up!” ?

Just sayin…

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