Aldi Products Yea/Meh/Nay 2023-2024

I might be tempted to try the shrimp/salmon Wellington. But not sure when I’ll next be up near the only store near me.

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They’ve really been expanding their frozen offerings - a lot of stuff you couldn’t pay me to try, like frozen pasta dishes I can put together in the same amount of time it takes to thaw them (tho I remember buying similar frozen pasta dishes in my 20s - convenient and not awful for a single person), or most of their abysmal pizza. I’ve yet to try the veal cutlets, having been burned by the mushy texture of the chicken cutlets.

ETA: if you haven’t gotten their black tiger shrimp I cannot recommend them enough. The quality is absolutely fantastic: texture, flavor, size.


Last time I was there, I looked; couldn’t find. Will keep it on my radar, as you’ve mentioned it often enough to make me want to try it!

They used to be in the floor freezers here, but now moved to the seafood section of the wall freezers.

I submit most frozen shrimp - including Aldi’s 2lb. Fremont bags I’ve purchased to the same treatment: baking soda, salt & sugar sprinkle, ice cold water for at least 10 min but often for several hours, which will plump up lower quality shrimp.

That has never been necessary with the black tiger shrimp. And they’re YUUUUGE - perfect for a shrimp cocktail or other special treat :slight_smile:


We have to return something at Lowe’s this week (one hour away) and I’ll check out Aldi then. It’s been a while. They both look kinda good to me but everything always looks good on the front of the box. 5 servings. How much were they? That would be an indication as to what to expect quality wise.

Re. the shelf-stable pasta: my teenager likes the (plain) cheese ravioli and tortellini. I don’t think the cheese is anything fancy but he usually dumps some extra ricotta or Parmesan on top.

Good to know, thanks. Apparently I did buy the mushroom tortellini on a previous visit but it has yet to be cooked.

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Aldi today - New buys.

Cranberry white cheddar
RL cheddar bay biscuit mix(I’ve been wanting to try this for some time)
Loaded potato perogies (probably a bust)
$5 assorted cheesecake sampler
Blue cheese stuffed olives
Jarred artichoke hearts
Black Tiger shrimp (When my husband saw how big the shrimp were he said get 2🙂)
Then he tossed a $4.95 package of frozen tuna steaks in the cart.
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Theyre humongous! Will have to look next time I go!


I am tempted to hoard them, but they are a regular item (I think… I hope!).

It is with great sadness that I have to announce finishing the last of the chocolate chip pecan meltaway cookies today.

They were such a wonderful treat with my afternoon coffee, and now they are gone. GONE! :sob: :sob: :sob:

Guess I could purchase a can for the budget price of $49.99 :joy:


:cricket: :cricket: :cricket:

Here goes anyway :joy:: the apple cider vinegar chips are a def YAY, especially if you like salt & vinegar chips. They have a nice crunch, aren’t too salty, and the tartness level is just right. Hope they stick around :slight_smile:

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There are a few Aldi items that are more expensive than WalMart groceries. WalMart ain’t cheap.

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I just had the opportunity to try the refrigerated pickles while visiting a friend in FL, and give them a whole-hearted YAY :partying_face:

I’ll venture a guess that they’re copycat Grillo’s, my #1 pickle.

Which started as being sold out of a Chevy Cutlass at various events and markets in 2008 in MA and CT, eventually graduating to a pickle cart in Boston in late 2008/early 2009. I’d love to know what those permit granters think now.


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They are bomb. No other pickle will do. Well, I guess now Aldi’s copycat pickle does. At least it’s a major successful company they’re ‘ripping off’ (?), and not some poor, small entrepreneur.

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I guess the same pickle packer went to the Aldi headquarters & shared the recipe?

Keeping this thread alive, one post at a time :rofl: :joy: :rofl:

NAY for the applewood-smoked pepper bacon. It just ain’t that great.


Where in the store is the cheesecake sampler?