Aarzu Modern Indian Bistro Freehold

That’s what I get for needing new glasses and trusting spell check. lol (I really do need to stop posting from my phone, I literally can’t read half of what I see on there)


More HODowns!!!

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The first thing I heard from @NotJrvedivici was “that was the f’ing best meal I’ve had in a long time. We have to go back.”

Since A) he and I have this Master/Igor relationship where he is the boss and B) I also f’ing love Aarzu, we found ourselves back there last night. This time we brought along much tougher critics than ourselves, our better havles. So we sat in one of those gaudy, comfy round booths that must be reserved and ordered a ton of food. Apologies for no pics as they have beautiful presentations.

First out was Manchurian Cauliflower. I love this preparation and the cauliflower stands up to the spicy sauce well. The coating on the crispy fried cauliflower wasn’t too heavy. In short, a delight.

Next came a double order of Eggplant Chaat with each couple sharing one order. Our family has this every time and it was evident that @NotJrvedivici and the Mrs felt the same. We all ate in silence except for lots of “yummy” noises.

Next was a double order of lamb chops. If I could only eat one lamb chop for the rest of my life it would be this one. I have no idea where Hemant is right now but I’m sure he would approve.

We also had…

chili/garlic naan, onion stuffed kulcha, butter chicken, fig and cheese dumplings, and lamb biryani. I know right, it is even a mouthful to write. It was a very full table. It was all incredibly good.

The only bad thing is I was stuffed and so was everyone else. We wanted to try the amazing looking and better tasting dessert platter but none of us had room to eat more. Next time.

As always the company was better than the food but this time the food was close.


I left the heavy lifting to Igor on this post since I really have no idea what I’m eating. All I can say is this is by far the best “new food” I have been introduced to in a long time. I don’t know if this is considered “traditional” Indian or contemporary flair on Indian etc. but it’s just good, very, very good food.

Thank you very much for introducing me to Aarzu, I again look forward to returning!!


TMI … Some things are better kept behind closed doors


Please sign me up for the next field trip.

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Credit to @paryzer for sharing this link in the NJnews thread, I just wanted to cross post it here for those who have questions about Indian cuisine. Aarzu is mentioned by a few of the local chef’s and I couldn’t agree more. If you have been on the fence about trying Indian food, I would strongly recommend you try Aarzu, it’s not traditional Indian and it is delicous! Kudos to them for doing a great job.


Thanks Bob. I think you used the wrong link though :slightly_smiling_face: Below is the link to the story I posted.


Welp I’ll tell you what, I can’t thank @seal enough for introducing this place to me. I’ve been dining here about once a month since my work colleague is vegan and Indian is a very vegan friendly.

I’m blown away that a carnivore thru and thru like me can actually be impressed and satisfied with vegan meals.

I can’t recommend this place enough regardless if you like Indian food or not, this place might very well convert you like it has me.
( I would love to tell you what I had but I honestly don’t know) lol

FYI pics of their banquet room. A friend of my daughters is looking for a smaller wedding venu BYOB preferred, this was one of my suggestions.

Rear private entrance and foyer.

Cocktail hour area

Dining room space

It was set for a buffet

Background for an alter or ceremony

This is the regular dining room

That’s all the pics, forgot to take any of the food. Lol That’s how you know it’s good!


It makes me SO happy that such a meat 'n potatoes guy appreciates Aarzu (and Indian food in general)!!


I predicted $48 lamb chops in June of '21.

No rice.


Lamb chop update 3 for $36.

Got takeout recently and a little disappointed in portion sizes. They keep raising the prices but servings seem smaller. The duck ‘tacos’ in particular were an extremely poor value; do not order. I wish I had taken a picture.

I prefer Mauka lately but Aarzu is closer.


Thanks for the update. I like Aarzu’s food a lot and they do some interesting things not found at your average place but I sometimes think their higher end ambience is not worth the upscale price.

The new Indian place in Belmar has lamb chops on the menu for $31. It shows 4 in the picture but have no idea if that’s accurate.


I concur. I’m amazed at how much I really like Mauka, and because it is far more local for me, I’ve been able to experiment with more dishes et. You are right about Aarzu’s prices, the lamb brianni between the two can’t be compared. Aarzu used to give large chunks of lamb, no more it’s mostly rice. The naan is excellent at Mauka too, such good food.


I muuuuuuuuuust get to Mauka.


Hit me up, we will meet you (@MsBean) or anyone else. We were in Florida for two weeks (another excellent meal at The Farmers Table) and our first meal back, Mauka.


Welcome home!!! Friends actually invited us to join them at the Belmar place this weekend. I’ll report back and if it’s worth it maybe we can put something together. It sounds like there’s a bunch of HOs - @CurlzNJ @roro that may be interested.

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